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2v2 Major Stage 1/2 Finals

By LATINO - 12th November 2018 - 22:28 PM

We finished the 1/4 Finals of this Major yesterday, we had some tight series and some more open.

This Quarter finals started with Sons of Elendil beating 3-0 SoldiersOrNot and then we had Dunelix having a close win over Royal Always Give Up 3-2.

Following up, Latin Kings won 3-0 vs Zedwell and yesterday SweedKurwa proved the odds wrong and won 3-2 vs the last World Cup finalist, Bash Alliance.

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Winter is Coming !

We are at the semi finals and below you will find the teams and the match ups that going to be played.

Match ups Draw

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sweden germany Sons of Elendil vs poland netherlands SweedKurwa

SE vs SW Gondor Rohan VS Mordor Isengard MAP 1 Wold

SW VS SE Rohan Isengard vs Gondor Mordor MAP 2 Dunedain Forest

SE vs SW Mordor Isengard vs Rohan Mordor Map 3 Anorien

SW VS SE Gondor Isengard vs Mordor Isengard Map 4 Wold

SE VS SW Mordor Isengard vs Gondor Mordor Map 5 Anorien (SE Right Spot)

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ecuador argentina Latin Kings vs germany india Dunelix

LK vs DLX Gondor Isengard vs Mordor Isengard Map 1 WOLD

DLX vs LK Gondor Isengard vs Gondor Isengard Map 2 Anorien

LK vs DLX Gondor Mordor vs Gondor Isengard Map 3 Anorien

DLX vs LK Mordor Isengard vs Gondor Rohan Map 4 Dunedain Forest

LK vs DLX Gondor Mordor vs Mordor Isengard Map 5 Anorien (LK Right Spot)

I will stream under My Channel SE vs SW and when I play (Latin Kings) vs Dunelix it will be ShaNks.

Make sure to follow us and not miss this nice series that will bring us for sure a nice final.

See you soon smile.gif