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By LATINO - 13th October 2018 - 15:47 PM

Hello Folks

I am opening the 1v1 Sign up from today to the 4th of November 2018 (23 days).

I put 16 spots available, first signining in first served, no more spots will be open unless a big amount of people are signing up.

Get your spot fast before theres no place.

Date - Half of November to Half of December

Format & Rules (Still under process but some of main informations are below)

Depending on how much players sign up, I will decide the format but I want to start straight from the playoffs bracket. (There will be a draw per tier for first round)

All players will have to play as Random army.

Map Pool : Westfold, West Emnet, Fangorn, Fords of Isen, Dunharrow.

You can you pick any of the following maps, When it comes to BO5, each player can pick only once a map,
Neutral Maps will be drawn in advance.

Dodge Rule : Each player has one "dodge" - once you meet your enemy (his units, buildings etc.) you have 15 seconds to say "dodge" in chat and quit. The game is restarted after that. You can use this "dodge" once in the whole Bo3/BO5 match. So once its used you have to play whatever army you get unless your opponent uses his "dodge".

All mirrors except Isen mirror are automatic restarted unless the players agree on something else before the game.

The fully Format & Rules will be posted in Tournament section before Major begins.

We all have a life beisde this game but a lot of money will be used and if you sign up, make sure you can try your best to play the games in time. I will not allow much time to careless people and will not hesitate to kick/replace them.

Sign Up

Do not forget to follow my Twitch Channel and to stay tuned. I will try to stream most of the games and host other channels when I am the one playing.

Thanks for reading