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1v1 Summer Cup 150$

By LATINO - 21st August 2018 - 19:42 PM

We started this tournament the 11th of July and instead of Group stages we decided to have a Swiss System Format & Rules.

In these 5 rounds, we got some nice features such as :

Orange germany vs StiWie argentina, LATINO ecuador vs StiWie argentina, Felixanius germanyvs IlPrincipino sweden, LATINO ecuador vs IlPrincipino sweden, Xehanort englandvs StiWie argentina, Kerkyra france vs Felixanius germany, StiWie argentina vs IlPrincipino sweden, LATINO ecuador vs Felixanius germany, Dunedain india vs Xehanort england, Dunedain india vs Kerkyra france

You can find these games in Twitch Channel or Bfme Videos Section

To qualify, you needed 3 wins over 5 rounds, below you have the 8 players that qualified to it :

Orange germany (3-0), Dunedain india (3-0), StiWie argentina (3-1), Kerkyra france (3-1), Oats norway(3-1), LATINO ecuador (3-2), IlPrincipino sweden(3-2), ZeD algeria(3-2)

In the Playoffs we got some more nice features such as: LATINO facing StiWie again (1/4 Final) won by the Argentinian 3-1, Kerkyra vs IlPrincipino (1/4 Final) won by the French 3-0.

In the right side of bracket we had Oats which is not a main 1v1 player but got into the Playoffs (congrats to him), unfortunately he had to face one of the favorites Dunedain and lost 3-0 to the Indian (1/4 Final). Orange vs ZeD was the other (1/4 Final), the viewers got some faith on the Algerian after having good starts but after some crucial mistakes Orangeís experience was enough to close out this series 3-1.

Heading to the semifinals, argentina StiWie had the opportunity to give his country the revenge of the Football World Cup game won by france then. He indeed gave it to his country as he won 3-0 vs Kerkyra .

The other semifinal was a tight one as Orange germany won only 3-2 vs Dunedain india.

The grand Final was played the 20 August 2018 featuring StiWie argentina vs Orange germany. These two players faced each other in the second round of the Swiss System with Orange winning 2-0. This was a perfect rematch for StiWie because he also lost against him in the last 1v1 tournament.

The series started good for Orange winning 1-0 in Fangorn but StiWie quickly striked back in his main map Fords of Isen and brought the score back to 1-1. What maybe costed Orange alot in this series was losing in his second map pick Dunharrow. Being 2-1, StiWie could confidently pick his map and finish him but that 4th game was a FIESTA.

After that 4th map, StiWie needed to have strong mental and move on his mind to the 5th map. Score being 2-2, Orange had still a dodge (rematch one match up) left which he used with no doubt (Keepo).

That could have been a slight advantage or not. Nevertheless, in this final Match up they needed to go HAM.

That series could have gone either way and itís why we need to congratulate Orange for ending second and winning 50$. They gave us a good final even though some of the match ups they played are boring sometimes but they made them interesting and exciting (Keepo).

Itís with a great pleasure that I congratulate StiWie for being our Summer Cup Champion and winning 100$.

I hope that the participants and the many viewers we had throughout the tournament enjoyed as I did by casting and playing (Kappa).

The 2v2 Random Allies Tournament 150$ is still running up and the semi finals games are :

LATINO & Yesil vs Orange R3sch0

StiWie & Sadixov vs Dexter & Shanks

More news will come about the Winter tournaments that I may host, hoping to get some donations/help in order to end the year with two tournaments and as cash prize 1í000$.

Stay tuned > Twitch

See you soon

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