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2v2 Major Stage Champions

By LATINO - 26th November 2018 - 18:30 PM

Dear Bfmerz

The 2v2 Major Stage Grand Final was played yesterday and so far we had a nice one.

It started with Sons of Elendil (Rohan & Isengard) winning the first game over Latin Kings (Mordor & Isengard) on Druadan Forest.

Second game was (Rohan & Mordor Mirror - Anorien) and LK quickly cameback into the series with a convincing win.

Everything was tied up as the series was 1-1.

Jumping into the 3rd game, SE (Gondor & Mordor) won in an interesting game with nice actions over LK (Gondor & Rohan - Druadan Forest).

Latin Kings (Gondor Rohan) vs Sons of Elendil (Gondor Isengard - Anorien) and being 1-2 down had to react and bounce back from this. It indeed happened as after having an hard time they could comeback and tied up 2-2.

The Seriess got hyped as both teams had only to win one single game to bring the title home.

LK (Gondor & Mordor) vs SE (Gondor & Isengard) on Anorien, it was an even match up where for sure we were going to have nice actions. Many fights happened and to not spoil what happened actionwise, I let you watch the VOD and see how it ended.

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1st. ecuador argentinaLatin Kings 300$
2nd. germany sweden Sons of Elendil 150$
3rd. Dunelix/SweedKurwa 50$

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I personally want to thank those who participated, those who watched all the games on Twitch but especially those who donated and keep donating to make this event possible.

You can comment or download the replays in this topic.

If you missed the final, you can watch the video on my Youtube Channel.

I remind you that the 1v1 Major Stage is still live as we have argentina StiWie facing india Dunedain in the semi finals and germany Felixanius vs algeria ZeD in the other one.

Be sure to stay tuned as I will be casting these on my Twitch Channel.

See you soon