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2v2 Spring Cup

By LATINO - 12th February 2019 - 22:44 PM

Dear Amigos,

Starting 2019, I had not enough motivation to host the announced 2v2 QM League/Tournament and as in every event I host, I always want to be motivated in order to dedicate my precious time and try to make it sucessfull. Instead, I hosted the 3v3 Return of the King tournament which even tough the game is not very active it is a good entertain for those who are playing some games.

In 2018, I hosted many tournaments with two of those being Summer Cup and an Winter Cup so now it is time for a Spring Cup.

Main Informations :

Players : 16 (more spots can be open)

Format : 2v2 – Depending on how many players sign up, I decide if Groups or Bracket

Tier 1 Player will be drawn with a Tier 2 Player :

The draw will poursuit this way :

When I roll the wheel, the first T1 player drawn will be able to choose a T2 Player and so on… that means that the last T1 player standing will have to team up with the T2 player left.

Exemple : I am the last one T1 Player left and in T2 it is BoogyMan, so I will have to team up with him and focus OK.

Maps : Anorien, Wold, Druadan Forest

Date : Starting 22th March 2019

Cashprize : Going to give 50$ but for those who wants to help they can contact me so we can reach an decent amount. 200$ is the goal!

Stream : Twitch.tv/LATINO19 & Guests

Main Rules : To Play & Have Fun

If you sign up please be sure you can come for games during that period.

Signing up now not only guarantee you a spot but also help me to prepare the players tier list.


See you soon

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