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3v3 BFMAS Tournament 60$

By LATINO - 10th December 2018 - 18:45 PM

(Alan you said you would stop after Majors), Yes I said I was done with tourneys for this year but after several people asked me for a XMAS one I had to do it. I decide to come into the 3v3 Scene (Keepo) and to have something different as the usuals serious 1v1/2v2's.

The plan is simple :

I will open a Sign up topic in Tournament Section where you will sign up with the name you will use during tourney.

System will be like the last 2v2 QuickMatch 50$ I hosted in October only different thing will be that at the end (23.12.18) there will be A Grand Final between the Top 6 of the 3v3 TA3 reseted Qm Ladder.

League starts the 14th of December until the 22th.

I will be hosting/streaming alot during the nights week/week ends .

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Map : Lebenin

Teams Format :

It will be random teams (drawn by me if im in the Room) every game. If I am offline use the T3A QM Ladder Generator, once a game is drawn you have to play and please do not exclude any player wanting to play.

The main goal is me to stream/host all games including the Grand Final.

There will be a Ladder and the 23th of December the top 6 of it will play the Grand Final and earns 20$ each winner.

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Match ups : During the Ladder phase It will be Random and for the Grand Final it will be with Drawn MU's.

Stream Twitch.tv/LATINO19

Key Points : Sign Up, Random Allies Everygame, Spam Games, Get Points, Qualify to Grand Final.

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I will try my best to make it work as I am testing things for a new 2019 Big Event.

3v3 Ladder

I can't wait to cast this games and especially the FINAL.

Hope to see you around

Oscars Ceremony this Sunday