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2v2 Random Allies 300$ BFME Tournament

By LATINO - 1st July 2018 - 06:25 AM

I am happy to announce that GameReplay's.Org will be organising another Battle For Middle-earth (BFME) tournament. Sadly however, it will be the last one that I will be organising for this summer.

It was a hard decision to make between having a 1v1 Summer Cup or a 2v2 Random Allies tournament. So far, our last two tournaments were “predictable” ones where we kind of knew in advance who would be in the last stages of the brackets, especially in the 2v2 World Cup.

Due to the votes of the community in the poll, I am going to host the 2v2 Random Allies tournament with $300 as cash prize. Prior to posting the vote topic, we were thinking of hosting the 1v1 tournament but after some thought, we decided that it would be nice to have a tournament where we do not know who are going to be “favorites” in advance.

The money is sponsored by JorgeElGris ($100), Mergin ($100) and I ($100). Big thanks to them for supporting me in this project. Once again if anyone in the community would like to offer any prizes or rewards for any future tournaments, feel free to personal message any Referee, Senior Referee or Admin in GameReplay's BFME Portal. At the end of the day, any contribution will go a long way in supporting our community as a whole.

The tournament will start on 20th July 2018, and the sign-ups for it are already open.

With support and participation from the community, we could also possibly see a 1v1 Winter Cup with an accompanying wallpaper being nearly ready, thanks to our resident artist CENTAUER. To give a sneak peak of what is ahead, there is a chance we will also host a big 1v1 Tournament (with new rules) in December to end this BFME tournament year nicely.

I hope to see you soon on the field and don’t forget to stay tuned to my Twitch channel as the 2v2 World Cup 200$ final will be some days before the FIFA Football World Cup Finals.

See you!

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