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Major Championships

By LATINO - 7th December 2018 - 00:01 AM

Dear BfmerZ,

The 9th of October, I was announcing that I was going to accomplish the wish that I had since the begining of the year which was to host this 1000$ tournaments in Winter. Today, I am really proud and happy to have accomplished it with the help of you guys.

The 24th of October, 1v1 Challenger Stage kicked off and finished the 9th of November.

Meanwhile, we were having the 2v2 Championship running at same time where we got very nice games and high level games to watch & to play.

2v2 Major Stage 500$

1st. ecuador argentina Latin Kings
2nd. germany sweden Sons of Elendil
3rd. Dunelix/SW

The 10th of November, 1v1 Major Stage 1/8 Finals kicked off and the last semi fina was played the 2th of December.

Yesterday (6th of December), the Grand Final was played and I am happy to announce that Felixanius is our 1v1 Major Champion.

He won 3-2 over Dunedain in a close series.

1v1 Major Stage 500$

germany Felixanius
2nd. india Dunedain
3rd. argentina StiWie

I am happy to have such players in our community not only the winners but all those that competed.

Thanks to those who signed up, to the viewers, to my guests troughout this tournaments and of course those who helped me to me to realize this project.

If you missed the 1v1 Final / 2v2 Final :



I personally enjoyed alot hosting, playing and casting this tournaments.

I am closing the doors of this Majors with this post but not of the year as the Oscars votes are still open and the ceremony will be soon.

Congratulations germany Felixanius

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