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QM Simulation Ladder Update 2017

By Earendil - 4th January 2017 - 16:04 PM

A new Quick Match update rolled out on New Year's Eve, containing the following updates:
  • 3vs3 Quick Match is now enabled, featuring all current official 3vs3 maps
  • Participating players can now link their ladder profiles to their Revora accounts. This will create a profile page for each linked account, and give more detailed insight in a player's activity such as match history or the best rank ever achieved.
  • Awards have been activated and can now be collected. They are pretty much still the same as the late GameSpy awards. You will find the old winning streak awards as well as the very old ladder activity awards that were given to players after reaching a certain amount of played matches. In order to receive awards, you must have at least 10 games played on the same ladder, and your ladder profile must be linked to your Revora account. Learn more...
  • The Quick Match Generator has been redesigned, the captcha is gone and you can now make use of an auto-complete function that will help you find out if a certain player is registered on the ladder, as well as speed up the entire process.
  • The ladder has been paginated. The maximum amount of players per page has been set to 20.
  • A player's status now is "New" by default, on any ladder. By playing at least 5 matches on one ladder, the status for that ladder will update to "Active".
  • Carnen was added to the 1vs1 Quick Match map pool

We hope that you like the new ladder update as much as we do. So far, we have mostly heard positive feed back.

Have fun!