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Spotlight with Apmn

By Earendil - 14th January 2019 - 12:11 PM

GameReplays.Org returns with another edition of our Spotlight interview series with one of the veterans and an Expert of Battle For Middle Earth 2 (BFME 2) and veterans of Battle For Middle Earth (BFME). Centauer's guest this time round is well known long-time player Apmn.

GameReplays: Hello , thanks for doing this week's Spotlight. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Apmn: Hello, my real name is Mustafa and I am a 29 year old mining engineer. I live in Istanbul,Turkey and I work at a full time job. I have hobbies like playing/watching tennis/football, playing video games and watching movies in my spare time.

GameReplays: Tell us a bit about your online gaming history?

Apmn: My online gaming history started with Age of Mythology. I was basically the best noob of my area, but I had a really bad internet connection and this demotivated me about playing it online. When I was in high school, a friend of mine came and told me that there is a new LoTR based strategy game. As a LoTR fan, I skipped the school that day and went to an internet cafe to play this new game. The rest is history.

GameReplays: Why did you join GR?

Apmn: I joined GR because I wanted to become better by reading and discussing strategies, watching recorded games. I also wanted to be a part of BfME community.

GameReplays: What is your favorite game?

Apmn: I think it's Age of Mythology when you combine campaign + multiplayer/lan experience. Then comes BfME and BfME 2.

GameReplays: What is your favorite game genre? Why?

Apmn: It's unfortunately a dying gaming genre, RTS. It fits me the best, I like to manage many things at once.

GameReplays: So, how did you first get started with BFME 2 ?

Apmn: I have won a local BfME tournament in Istanbul. The price was a new game, BfME 2.

GameReplays: What do you like so much about BfME 2, that has kept you playing the game for years?

Apmn: The game is really fun itself with cool graphics and (a) unique playstyle. But the reason why it kept me playing for years is the competition. It's highly addictive and even if you repeat the same scenario over and over again, there will always be a room for improvement. Once you taste the feeling of becoming better of yourself, it's hard to stop. Once you taste the feeling of becoming one of the best, it's nearly impossible to stop and never touch it again.

GameReplays: What is your favorite army and Match-up?

Apmn: I don't have a favorite army. I only dislike one army, dwarves.

My favorite match-ups: Mordor vs. Men / Mordor vs. Gondor

GameReplays: What is your favorite map, and who is your best Team game partner?

Apmn: My favorite map is Fangorn Forest. I like its length and symmetrical design. My best team game partner will always be Cons (Edin). He is my best friend in real life and we both started BfME series at the same time. He was not really active on gr.org so not much people know about him, but we had some high quality replays in both BfME and BfME II.

GameReplays: What would you do to change or improve game?

The Apmn: The biggest flaw of BfME games is the host issue. I would fix that. Then I would hire a balance team and a design team. I would also host multiplayer / local tournaments with price money that can attract people and promote them.

GameReplays: How did you improve like you did to be Expert : Do you watch replays of your own games to see mistakes and avoid them the next time? What role does advice from other players play for you? Which competition improved your game the most: Quickmatch, Clanwars, Tournaments or For Fun Games?

Apmn: Best way to improve is losing. Losing a game starts a fire in my competitive soul. I watch my own replays the most. Even when I was in my best shape, I saw many many big mistakes of mine and room for improvement. I also listen to the people that I trust and respect.

Every competition improved my game, but to become the best of myself I think for fun games and training games played a really important role. Because when you play for points or for money, you follow the current meta. You don't want to risk yourself with trying another things. But when you play ffg's and training games, you can try whatever you want, you can think outside the box.

GameReplays: How did it feel to play BfME2 when you had your "noob" time and what is the difference to your current status as a player?

Apmn: I didn't have much noob time with BfME2, because I started to play it online quite early. Everyone was noob and I was already better than most of them. However, the times that I play with my best friends were the best. I didn't have any struggles with life, I could enjoy playing the game with my friends whenever I want.

As a veteran, I don't have much time playing video games. That's why I always feel rusty whenever I try to come back to BfME / BfME II. But the community knows me and respects me. I feel like I don't have to prove myself so the fun factor of playing is still here.

GameReplays: Playing against a Forces of Darkness or Forces of Light opponent?

Apmn: I prefer FoD vs. FoL / FoL vs. FoD.

GameReplays: Killing a high ranked Gandalf the White, or wiping out an entire castle with a Balrog?

Apmn: Wiping entire castle!

I think it's a BfME 1 question, but I will answer it for both games.

In BfME 1, killing a high ranked GtW is one of the most difficult things in the game. It requires much dedication and skill. When you manage to kill it, most of the time you have won the game.

Wiping out an entire castle with a balrog is quite fun but it's easier when you learn the steps. You should almost always destroy an entire FoL castle with a Balrog.
So, I choose killing a high ranked GtW for BfME.

In BfME 2, killing a high ranked GtW is easier. Destroying the most important buildings and the castle of the opponent is much important. So I choose Balrog for BfME II.

GameReplays: Army of the Dead or Balrog?

Apmn: Balrog is much better.

GameReplays: What do you like (or dislike?) most about the BfME2 community?

Apmn: The current BfME2 community of GR.org is I think the best era of the game. Everyone is mature and respectful. But I really dislike the community out of GR.org who plays 1.00 or 1.06. They are stubborn idiots tbh.

GameReplays: What games are you active on currently, and how do your experiences there compare to those from BFME2?

Apmn: I don't play any games currently.

GameReplays: How many hours a day do you spend playing games?

Apmn: When I was still studying, I used to spend up to 8 hours of playing BfME II. Then it decreased to 1-2 hours a day to 1-2 hours a week. Now none.

GameReplays: How has gaming affected your life?

Apmn: Negatives: I failed 1 or 2 classes each year due to inadequate time management, I had a poor sleep schedule. Playing RTS games made me a multitask master but multitasking in real life didn't work well.

Positives: I made good friends and I have good memories.

GameReplays: How high is the influence of micro skills to win a game in 1v1 and 2v2?

Apmn: Micro, macro and strategy are all important. Micro skills are much important at BfME I and less important in BfME II.

GameReplays: When you're not gaming or posting on Gamereplays, what do you do in your everyday life?

Apmn: Apart from work, I spend quality time with my girlfriend, friends and family. I play tennis when I find a partner, I watch tennis when there is an important match.

GameReplays: Where do you see yourself in 5 Years from now?

Apmn: Anything can happen, it depends on many factors. Too much possibilities that I can only say "Let's wait and see."

GameReplays: If you could give one tip of advice to others like you, what would it be?

Apmn: Stop multitasking. Instead, do things by order of importance.

GameReplays: If you want to meet a bfme player in real life who would be that player? why?

Apmn: I want to meet Bunito and buy him the best internet possible in Argentino. I also want to meet Lazar and try to understand him by tasting his illegal drugs. lol

GameReplays: Who do you think is best bfme player right now?

Apmn: Bunito (Ecthelion) is the best atm imo. He has the most knowledge and robot skills atm.

GameReplays: And who will be best bfme player?

Apmn: Time will tell, I don't know really.

GameReplays: QM , CW OR FFG?

Apmn: QM is the most fun. You just click search button and get matched with a player similar to your rank. The map is random and you don't know which army / who you are playing against.

GameReplays: If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or visit the future?

Apmn: If short trips are available, I would visit the near future and get the lottery numbers. Then I would go back to current time. Classic right.

If only permanent trips are available, then I think I would avoid going back in time because of the butterfly effect. So future again.

GameReplays: QM history?

Apmn: BfME1: I used to be #1 for many months. AquaCity, Apmn, Mar|boro and Hosaf are my most known nicknames. There are many memories here. I once broke top 10 with a new nickname with 117/0 which was spoiled by Orange (bad matchup!).

BfME2: I have only played a couple of games there. I used to play cw more.

GameReplays: CW history?

Apmn: BfME1: I haven't really liked cw in bfme1 because of dodging. Also every time I tried to play clanwars in bfme1, some of my friends somehow get banned lol. I had gold medal in 2006 and it was enough for me. QM was much faster and enjoyable for me.

BfME2: I started cw really early in bfme2. I used to play when it was the most active. I have played in many different clans but always with my best friend Cons till 1.05 patch. We both really disliked 1.05 and quit BfME 2.
Then many years later I discovered BT2DC section (balance patch for BfME II) and quite liked it. Then I tried to be one of the best and I think I did.

GameReplays: What is your dream in life?

Apmn: To be financially and morally stable is enough for me. I don't have big dreams. I have never had big dreams.

GameReplays: What has been the biggest challenge in your life so far?

Staying focused has been the biggest challenge.

GameReplays: If you could star in a movie, what genre would it be and what role would you play?

Apmn: It would be fantasy genre and I would play God.

GameReplays: If you had to move to another country, which country would you pick and why?

Apmn: Australia maybe because they offer good money for mining engineers. lol

GameReplays: What is your all-time favourite or current favourite songs?

Apmn: All time favs: Head Over Heels, Running Up That Hill, Losing My Religion, Gülpembe, Dünya Yalan Söylüyor

GameReplays: Favorite Holiday?

Apmn: 2009 summer - My first holiday after first grade in college. I ranged with my friends to new discoveries.

GameReplays: If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?

Apmn: God

GameReplays: If you could only have one meal (including drink) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Apmn: Milk

GameReplays: If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

Apmn: I would first look for a lawyer to remain anonymous.

With that, we have reached the end of this edition of Spotlight! Stay tuned as we interview more players from the BFME2 scene in the future. As always, if you would like any particular players to be interviewed, or if you have any thoughts on this interview, do comment below!

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