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By LATINO - 1st June 2019 - 01:35 AM

Dear Friends

The Bfme Spring season coming to his end and it is time to have an clear report of what happened past months in our game events wise.

In February, we started with the 3v3 Return of the King tournament, the concept was to spam games and have a final with the top 6. Less games than the previous 3v3 edition were played but was still alright and entertaining. Hosting this 3v3’s was also to give content for those who likes this format and that is where we wanted to get back to.

Games played : 53
Players : 20
Finalists :

ecuador sweden norway LATINO & Yoshi & Oats vs Dunedain & BoogyMan & Final india egypt us

Winners : ecuador sweden norway LATINO & Yoshi & Oats

CashPrize : 50$

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Following that, we had the 2v2 Spring Cup which was an « Random Allies » tournament but for the first time
« Tier 2 » players choosing live their « Tier 1 » Allies. We had many good/funny games. In this one we also had an small Looser Bracket as we needed 2 extra teams to get 8 in the PlayOffs.

Teams : 12

Finalists :

poland sweden Dextershi vs YesilWie turkey argentina

Winners : turkey argentina Yesil & StiWie

CashPrize : 200$

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While the 2v2 Spring Cup was held we had April ClanWars going on.

In order to celebrate the last Avengers movie along with the last Game of Thrones season, our referee Dunedain decided to host this concept.

We did something new here which was an live draw with « virtual money» where set clan leaders could bid for the players they wanted in their Clanwars month.

Players : 27

Clans : 3

Clan Ranking :

Clan Winner – Game of Thrones
2nd place – Avengers
3rd place – StarWars

Warrior Ranking

Gold Winner : ecuador NightKing Thanos (A) (LATINO)

2nd place : netherlands NedStark (GoT) (Beterwel)

3rd Place : germany Darth Vader (SW) (Orange)

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We also had the 1v1 Spring Cup going on with some good features and surprises.

Normally in our 1v1 tournaments, we do draws with « Tier 1 » vs « Tier 2 » but this time we decided to spin the wheel and do it random. This added abit of spicy hype.

We also had different format for the Match Ups as people could choose their Fol & Fod and reverse the Match Up in the following games and incase an 5th game had to happen, the set up last one was Isengard Mirror.

Players : 16

Ranking :

1st place – argentina StiWie

2nd place – saudiarabia Omran

3rd Place - algeria norway ZeD/Oats

CashPrize : 150$

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Past 3 events were held during March/April.

Moving out to May, we had the 2v2 Quick Match League.

An concept, I like a lot as it can push players to spam it and as there is an ranking at the end of it it give an extra motivation.

Players : 23

Games : 224

Ranking :

1st place – ecuador Carl Johnson (LATINO) 90/40

2nd place – norway Squats (Oats) 52/36

3rd place - us IamDone (Gahvin) 33/27

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Last but not least, we had the 2v2 FIESTA tournament where players could choose the allies they wanted.

Teams : 16

Finalists : germany Spandau (Felixanius & Anon) vs ecuador sweden They Are Done (LATINO & Yoshi)

Winner : ecuador sweden They Are Done (LATINO & Yoshi)

CashPrize : 50$

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Personnal Report :

Some tournaments took time to end but they are all now finished. I understand that everyone has a life beside Bfme but I appreciate that people take free time to come and play their games. We also hosted this ClanWars & QuickMatch League so people have something to play while waiting to play/watch tourney games but also to keep the community entertained. I enjoyed a lot this past months and laughed a lot ! of course this would not have been possible without you guys.

See you soon


#Majors #BFME 2.0

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