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New T3A:Online Website and Login System

By Phoenix - 12th November 2015 - 18:46 PM

Welcome back, friends of the Shire. We are pleased to unveil some new features and facilities on T3A:Online!

A brief tour

  • You can join T3A:Online and set up your account from the new T3A:Online website.
  • You can manage your account, change your password and settings, create new profiles (nick names) and add buddies directly from the new site.
  • You can disable and enable profiles so that you can have more than the current maximum number of profiles.
  • You can create hidden profiles to keep yourself anonymous.

Get started with T3A:Online

If you're new to T3A:Online, you can make your Revora account and set up your new server login directly from the new T3A:Online site. Hit "Register" at the top of the front page to get started.

Setting up your Revora account

Please note that you can have only one account at Revora, so if you already have an account, you must not create another one and should ignore these steps. If you cannot access your existing account, please make a topic in the T3A:Online Support Forum on Revora.

Fill in the form to create your new Revora account. Your user name is the name you'll use to log into the Revora forums and theT3A:Online site and not the name you'll use to log into your game, so you don't have to worry about it being too long for your game. You'll create a separate password to log into your game too (see the next section).

You will need to verify the email address you provide, so make sure it's valid. Once you have verified your account, you can move on to the next step.

Setting up your server account

Your Server Login Name is the name you provide as your EA Account Name when logging into the game.

Your Server Password is the password you provide when logging into your game. That password can be completely different to the password you use to log into the forums or T3A:Online site. Please note that this password is stored as plain text, so you should make sure that it's not the same password you use to protect your important data.

Both your Server Login Name and your password can be up to 16 characters long (although they should not be less than 4 characters long) but can contain only letters and numbers (no special characters). You can easily change those details and your email address later on, if you need to.

Get online!

You can find all about getting online in each game in the setup guide on t3aonline.net.

In summary, to get online, you will need to install the latest patches and the T3A:Online launcher, which you'll find on the download page.