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Gandalf Laming

By Krys1er - 21st September 2009 - 22:25 PM

Gandalf the White is easily Gondor's most powerful and feared unit. His use and micro will decide 75% of Gondor's match-ups (the exception being Isengard, but he is still vital against pros). Because of this it is essential that you know the finer points of his usage in order to surpass your opponent. This guide was made for that intent.

Table of Contents

Brief Explanation of Gandalf's Powers

Wizard Blast
This is Gandalf's fastest charging power. It basically clears all the units within a 150° radius infront of his staff. Although not always killing them, it should always be used in any battle.

Lightning Sword
This is basically a very powerful catchment area attack. All units inside the circle are attacked by Gandalf's lightning in turn. This is also an extremely effective hero killer, working best if the hero being attacked is alone in the catchment circle, so all the lightning is directed to him. Since patch 1.03, you cannot cancel a Lightning Sword unless you want to waste it. This means we have to be careful when and where we use it, as we only have one attempt and then have to wait until it is recharged again.

Istari Light
This is a ranged special attack with a little splash damage, much like Legolas's Hawk Strike, meaning that all units caught in a small vicinity of the attack will all be effected. Istari Light is the most powerful ranged attack on BFME, it does tremendous damage to heroes and will instantly kill any battalion unit. Istari Light recharges fairly fast, so do not be afraid to use it on fleeing units. Here is a small tip: No matter what the game booklet says, DO NOT use this attack on buildings.

Word of Power
A real game turner. This spell is your reward for getting your wizard to rank ten. Word of Power is a spell which basically kills all units in the surrounding area, wiping out entire armies. Although it does not have much effect against Trolls, it still provides very useful knockdown damage which gives you time to batter them with rangers. Word of Power is also an instant Army of the Dead killer - completely wasting your enemy's best summon.

Breaking Rohan's Gate

Breaking Rohan's gate using Lightning Sword was a very popular tactic in patch 1.02. Sadly in 1.03, gates were given a huge buff vs magical damage which put a quick stop to this practice.
However, at levels 8+ it is still possible to break Rohan's gate, ending the game quickly before Rohan's heroes can recharge, and saving the time of purchasing trebs.

Right-click right in front of the gate and use Wizard Blast.
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Cast Lightning Sword but position the circle so the tip is just touching the gate.
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After Lightning sword. Simply wait a few seconds for Wizard Blast to recharge, and then finish the job like shown in the first picture.
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The Peomen Blast

The situation almost always arises. You have Gandalf and a bunch of Knights, and he has "Peomen" (Peasant-Yeomen-combos) with some leadership heroes.
People say its foolish to attack Peomen using Knights, and they are almost right. But this little attack can be used to bring a big halt to his economy by killing his Peomen and heroes.

Trample Peomen with Knights so they are temporarily knocked down and unable to attack.
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Move Gandalf in and do a Wizard Blast right near the center of their mass. There is a cross on this picture to give you an example. Do not be afraid to use Heal if things get sticky (your opponent will normally attack your Gandalf first).
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After his Peomens are blasted, use Istari Light and kill his Theoden, then deal with whatever is left.