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Mordor Vs. Rohan Masterguide

By EV1L - 7th January 2009 - 18:05 PM

Mordor Vs. Rohan was, and still is one of the hardest matchups. Rohan has many ways to totally destroy Mordor, either by using the large mobile horse-archer army, heroes, or a normal elven summon rush. In this guide all of the counters for those strategies will be explained with text screenshots and replays.

Everyone who finds this a difficult match up will be helped though.

Powerpoint Routes

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Eye of Sauron: They eye of the enemy is one of Mordors key powers to play the game. It gives Mordor the leadership for their frightening units to overwhelm others. Sauron's eye can also bring fear into your enemies hearts and is a very good spying weapon once you are finished using its powers.

Tainted Land: This power burns and blackens an area of terrain which gives your troops a leadership bonus and destroys all hope of your enemy's leadership.

Industry: When furnaces or slaughter houses are targeted with this power they produce a higher level of money, which can give you a huge amount of additional money to create an army used to devastate the enemy.

Scavanger: When you select this power you will be able to kill an enemy unit and receive additional resources for it. This powerpoint is pretty useless in this match up.

Devastation: Using this, you select a group of trees which are instantly cut down and are converted into resources. This gives you a huge amount of money that you can spend. This powerpoint can be used to gain a really fast Nazgul or Witchking. It slows down the way to Balrog though.

Call the Hordes: Orcs build faster giving you more to harass and spam. This Powerpoint is pretty useless, because when you reach this powerpoint you will mostly just give experience to the enemies heroes.

Darkness: The whole map goes into a dark state, giving your units extra leadership. Powerful Powerpoint.

Balrog: The Balrog of Morgoth is summoned instantly, when summoned this unit can devastate a whole army or a whole base with his unstoppable powers.