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Rohan vs Isengard Guide

By jnrd - 7th March 2009 - 13:53 PM

I have found that Rohan vs. Isengard is one of the hardest matchups to play, especially if your opponent knows what he's doing.
As with most of Rohan's other matchups, you will want to try your best to end the game as early as possible so as to avoid the late game stage and face the leadership canceling freezing rain which, alongside Warg Riders, can completely dominate.

My hope is that through this guide I can help make playing against Isengard something that you are more comfortable with and able to hold your own against.
As always this is just a guide and so should be used as such. Do not try to just simply copy my style of play but try and pick up some of the build orders, hints, tips and tricks to use in your own gameplay. You should try to develop a strategy that you are comfortable with so that everything flows easily and you don't have to think twice about what you're doing. This will be the best way to enhance your game.

The guide is primarily made for the map Fords of Isen, but there are only minor differences in build order and strategies on the maps.

Table of Contents

Build Order

Like in all the other matchups, you will need to get Rohirrim out as fast as possible to begin harassing. I would recommend that you get 2-4 farms in your base along with two outside before progressing to stables and horses. This variation is the balance in making sure that you achieve the correct balance of economy and speed of your horses getting out. Unfortunatly, Isengard can quite easily overwhelm your early game and take a farm or two from you if you have a weak peasant spam. To make sure you avoid this, I would build 3 farms then a stable when against Isengard; the one farm actually makes significant difference and you can still easily produce extra peasants. You can see later how you should use these peasants but for now I will show you my typical build order:
  • 2 Farms in with 2 peasants (1 from each) then 2 Farms out collected by hobbit.
  • 2 Peasants after all 4 farms are collected
  • Farm and 1 or 2 extra peasants
  • Stables
  • Rohirrim
  • Farm
  • Rohirrim
  • Well
  • Rohirrim
  • Rohirrim
  • Armory
  • Armor and Blades
  • Theoden
  • Banner
  • Demolish Armory and replace with farm.
  • Aragorn (Legolas if you have good map control)
  • Archery Range
  • 3 combos, then elves and/or RA's after fire. After that its up to you.
This build order is just a really simple outline of what your game progression should look like. I will explain later how everything ties together so for now just know that right throughout the game you will need to continue producing peasants to help keep map control from Isengard's pike spam. This is so important (they are not mentioned in the Build Order - fit them in wherever you can). If you only copy this build order and don't use it right, you will get nothing out of it. Execution is the single most important aspect of everything in this guide.

Power Point Progression

I can't tell you that there is one single best PP route as this will vary from game to game depending on the situation. But this one is - I think - far better than most others and will be used most often:

Draft -> Elves -> Heal -> Anduril -> Cloudbreak -> Army of the Dead

You will only need to get land (Elven Wood) if your opponent gets land. There will also be some occasions where you may benefit more from taking Ent summons to finish off his base after a battle or some similar situation. This is at your discretion, in my opinion though, you will mostly need Cloudbreak.

Yellow -> Green -> Blue -> Red ->

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