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Two Peasants against a Soldier with Heal

By BcVcB - 17th September 2009 - 21:22 PM

This tip, initially made by Maia, shows how to kill a Soldier battalion with Heal with two Peasants.

We all think that one Soldier with Heal can beat two Peasants, right? Well, not if the Peasants attack correctly. This Tip of the Week will tell you how to beat a Soldier with Heal with two Peasants. The tip is very useful in the match-up Rohan vs Gondor and can be also used in 2vs2 should you have a rohan on your team and be fighting against a Gondor.

This is what happens in most cases, all they do is run their peasants up to the soldiers and fight them, as you can see about five to six Peasants out of the whole two battalions are fighting the Soldiers, so technically it is that Soldier against one battalion of peasants. We all know one Soldier beats one Peasant, so they will kill that battalion, then heal and finish the next battalion as well and get a banner carrier.

Attacking incorrectly:
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Rank two Soldiers:
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That is not the way to attack, this is the way to attack: Click on your Peasants to attack the Soldiers but make sure one of the Peasants is behind the Soldiers so that you have Peasants attacking from both the front and the back so that you have all peasants from the two battalions attacking the Soldiers. Now the Soldiers die so fast that even if he heals them they will die before they get to rank two.

Attacking correctly:
IPB Image

The Peasants win:
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This video shows how it works and how to perform it:

We hope this tip helps you in the match-up Rohan vs Gondor should you encounter a Soldier with your two peasants at the start, and even in team games.

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