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Spotlight with Sammy (Myth)

By Earendil - 24th February 2018 - 10:08 AM

GameReplays.Org is once again proud to present another edition of our Spotlight interview series with one of the veterans of Battle For Middle Earth (BFME), and a well known long-time player, Sammy aka Arjen_Robben, AquaCity!

1. GameReplays: Hello Sammy, thanks for doing this week's Spotlight. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I'm 34 from England in the UK. I have been in and out of work most recently being a delivery driver which I enjoyed and in my free time I like to play games, watch movies, sports and exercise and I also like to go walking in the outdoors.

2. GameReplays: Tell us a bit about your online gaming history?

I would go back a few years when I first had my TIME PC. It was rapid one if the fastest machines I'd ever used. It came with Unreal Tournament which I had a few battles online. I also enjoyed Diablo 2 bashing monsters, Football Manager and later I was playing BFME. One of my first accounts was SammyToon. The name was because I'm Sam but Toon Army was the nick name of Newcastle United FC which I was following at the time. I was an amateur and choose Gondor as my desired 1v1 qm faction which achieved rank 2. I would also play 2v2 ffg with my friend and we had some good laughs.

3. GameReplays: Why did you join GR?

I did not know about GR for quite a while. I can't remember how I found the site but the gaming community and replay posting function would of attracted me to create account.

4. GameReplays: What is your favorite game?

BFME is my favorite because of the play ability and the secret to any great game is the play ability.

5. GameReplays: What is your favorite game genre? Why?

I like RTS, FPS such as Battlefield and some racing simulations.

6. GameReplays: So, how did you first get started with BFME?

I went to the local computer shop in the town with my friend and as we had both been fans of the LOTR movies and liked computers and gaming we both bought a copy of the BFME game and took it from there. Learning BFME is funny, it has a in game tutorial and a nice game playing style for noobs to play each other online and learn.

7. GameReplays: What do you like so much about BfME, that has kept you playing the game for years?

I quit playing BFME after the EA server shut down. Quick Match was a lot of fun for me so when the Revora team implemented a Quick Match system for us to use on GR it was very nice to be able to compete on all the maps again. The game is tough to get bored of and if you need a break you can always go back and play a few hours to pass the time.

8. GameReplays: What is your favorite army and Match-up?

I like all of any really.

9. GameReplays: What is your favorite map, and who is your best Team game partner?

I like all the maps and think I can play with any team ally at this stage. The best players require the hunger more than anything and the team work is the communication and thought of strategy.

10. GameReplays: What would you do to change or improve game?

One thing only. Remove the Balrog whip killing GTW in 1 hit, no other hero is effected and fire breath works anyway. I lost a game to Mordor host on Fangorn in tourney solely for this reason.

11. GameReplays: During your time in the community and the game, you played many games vs old players / pros.. Tell us about that time who was the best in your opinion , which game were OP , or some of the nicknames of old players which you remember ?

Yeah, a few to name. Gerrard and Buttafly mastered micro in 1v1 particularly and were solid experts. Some of the best Rohans such as Jrnd and Isen players Sjosty. 2v2 was a different ball game and there were and still are many great players who all created hundreds of great games.

12. GameReplays: How did you improved like you did: Do you watch replays of your own games to see mistakes and avoid them the next time? What role does advice from other players play for you? Which competition improved your game the most: Quickmatch, Clanwars, Tournaments or For Fun Games?

I found playing over and watching replays you lost would give you new idea's. Like build orders for example in mirrors if you sensed the enemy had more economy you needed to adjust and learn. 1v1 Clan Wars because of the speed and directness would improve your over all play in all areas. 2v2 ffg was where players mastered team work and strategy so it really is a case of time and being on form and confident. Players would share secret hints with each other during the EA days.

13. GameReplays: How did it feel to play BfME when you had your "noob" time and what is the difference to your current status as a player?

Yeah well that's an easy question because I was making the Stone worker every game. I don't need the SW to win now and I can play random at quite a good level.

14. GameReplays: CW history?

The best I can remember is rank 2 Silver and rank 3 bronze medals.

15. GameReplays: QM history?

3x rank 1 1v1 qm. Arjen_Robben. AquaCity, Anarisma.
2x rank 1 1v1 qm and 2v2 qm (at the same time) Arjen_Robben, AquaCity

16. GameReplays: Playing against a Forces of Darkness or Forces of Light opponent?

No preference today, each game is the same on Revora.

17. GameReplays: Killing a high ranked Gandalf the White, or wiping out an entire castle with a Balrog?

My Balrog is so noob so I will select wiping out a Gondor castle with Balrog.

18. GameReplays: Army of the Dead or Balrog?


19. GameReplays: What do you like (or dislike?) most about the BfME community?

Players on your team who don't trust your skill to win. Flaming players as there are still a few babys on BFME these days I must say.

20. GameReplays: What games are you active on currently, and how do your experiences there compare to those from BFME?

Not playing much else at the moment but I am interested in the PS4 console.

21. GameReplays: What are some characteristics that you think help make up a great RTS player?

Confidence, intelligence, patience, game reading ability and most of all the hunger to win.

22. GameReplays: How many hours a day do you spend playing games?

When I am playing I may play for 2 hours at a time or at evenings it could be 3 or 4 which is about right before having a rest.

23. GameReplays: How has gaming affected your life?

I think it's helped, new study suggests playing game are good for you as your mind isn't idle.

24. GameReplays: How high is the influence of micro skills to win a game in 1v1 and 2v2?

Micro is everything.

25. GameReplays: If you could give one tip of advice to others like you, what would it be?

Never quit! I know some players do and in some cases a game has no come back but the amount of quitters when game is not finished is ridiculous. Come backs are part of pros specialty.

26. GameReplays: Who do you think is best bfme player right now?

At 1v1 there are a few who put a lot into that, Stiwie, Dune etc but not always as active

27. GameReplays: And who will be best bfme player?

Felix has a lot of potential.

28. GameReplays: QM , CW OR FFG?

QM, CW, FFG in that order.

29. GameReplays: If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or visit the future?

If I had a time machine I would put Fishy in it and send him back to when time began so he could come back and tell us he was responsible for the Big Bang.

30. GameReplays: Anything you'd like to add?

No that's all, thank you Gamereplays and CENTAUER, see you in the Ladders.

GameReplays: Thank you.

With that we conclude this edition of Spotlight! Do stay tuned as we interview more players from the BFME scene in the near future. As always, if you would like any particular players to be interviewed, or if you have any thoughts on this interview, do comment below!

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