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Spotlight with HungryTroll

By CENTAUER - 24th January 2018 - 19:11 PM

GameReplays.Org is proud to present a new edition of our Spotlight interview series with one of the veterans of Battle For Middle Earth (BFME), as well as one of our staff members here on GameReplays.Org, HungryTroll!

1. GameReplays - Hello, thanks for doing this week’s Spotlight. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello GameReplays, my name is Nikita Chugay, I am 22 years old. I was born in Kazakhstan, but then moved to live in Russia, now I live in Yekaterinburg, but here is very cold. I with my parents often change cities, so the next city will most likely Kaliningrad, closer to Europe.

I'm studying now in two university, residential and distance, by specialty public administration. In my spare time i playing airsoft and fond of photography

This is my city:

2. GameReplays - Tell us a bit about your online gaming history?

I got my first PC in 2002, but start(ed) to play online games in 2007 when I got internet. My first online game was CS 1.6, CoD 4, HoMaM, Discimples II, and other games.

3. GameReplays - Why did you join GR?

I joined GR in May 2016, because in that time, Noldor give me link's to this site and said that there is much useful information and tips. And i started to read strategy-guides, tips of the week, it helped me to up my level. Because I lost a lot of games in the beginning.

4. GameReplays - What is your favorite game?

Bfme1 only in last 2 years biggrin.gif But, sometimes i play bfme 2 (1.09 patch), and RotWK (2.02).
When i get tired of bfme, i play Killing Floor multiplayer (but I want to delete this game).

5. GameReplays - What is your favorite game genre? Why?

Now i have only one game genre, RTS, because other game genres seem to be simple.

6. GameReplays - So, how did you first get started with BFME?

My first game in bfme was in 2005, I played it in a computer club with my friends against some Medium Army biggrin.gif Already then I guessed that a hobbit can be very useful smile.gif Then i forgot about bfme, and played other games, but sometimes I come back to play bfme1. At that time, I did not know about the existence of online (multiplayer) in BfME, and now I really regret it, because I missed the best time of this game.

In December 2015, when i won 7 hard bots, i started to thinking about (playing)online. It was difficult to find a way to play on the network, I tried a lot of ways. I installed Tunngle, but there were no players in bfme 1, and to February 2016 I played in Bfme 2 (1.06). I was very happy when I installed GameRanger and found players in it.

Then I met all the players from the CIS-community. We have a group about bfme with 5600 members,
where I am the administrator there. I often hold tournaments among beginner players, ( and)there are a lot of them (32 and more), and publish news and videos from GameReplays. For some time I was engaged in translation guides, strategies and tips from GameReplays into the Russian language, and published them on our forum.

I usually publish my VODs in my YouTube channel (I now have 600 subscribers).

7. GameReplays - What do you like so much about BfME, that has kept you playing the game for years?

The apparent simplicity of this game and (at the) same time, complexity.

8. GameReplays - What is your favorite army and Match-up?

My favorite armies are Gondor, Knights and GTW micro. I started to learn bfme with this army.My favorite match-up's are Gondor-Rohan, Gondor-Mordor, Rohan-Isengard and Isengard-mirror.

9. GameReplays - What is your favorite map, and who is your best team game partner?

I do not like big maps, with rushing: Fords of Isen, South Ithilien, and both Rohan. Idk who is my best team-mate, I played with many players in team. But, I think with guys like Stony, Noldor, Svago, Mergin i won many games biggrin.gif Also, I remember 3 good player: LP CHESTER, H4X Gems, and nMe..._n@me? I played with these guys in summer 2016, and it was good. But now they are no longer playing.

10. GameReplays - What would you do to change or improve game?

I think only (an) Official Server can improve the situation.

11. GameReplays - Playing against a Forces of Darkness or Forces of Light opponent?

It depends on the map and match-up, because Gondor-Mordor and Gondor-Isengard (are) different in complexity of matchups.

12. GameReplays - Killing a high ranked Gandalf the White, or wiping out an entire castle with a Balrog?

To wipe out Fol castle with a Balrog.

13. GameReplays - Army of the Dead or Balrog?


14. GameReplays - What do you like (or dislike?) most about the BfME community?

I like good games, tournaments, good talk.

I dislike flaming, hurtful jokes and political topics.

15. GameReplays - What games are you active on currently, and how do your experiences there compare to those from BFME?

Now I do not play other games.

16. GameReplays - What are some characteristics that you think help make up a great RTS player?

First of all, (a) good RTS player should know basic theory: strategy in match-up, build-order. The second is macro-control, mapcontrol, and implementing strategy in practice. Then micro, apm, multitask(ing) and tips. A good RTS player always learns from his mistakes and the mistakes of others players.

17. GameReplays - How many hours a day do you spend playing games?

Differently. Sometimes 3 hours, sometimes 6.

18. GameReplays - How has gaming affected your life?

Bfme gave me the opportunity to calculate the steps your opponent takes and think ahead.

19. GameReplays - When you're not gaming or posting on gamereplays, what do you do in your everyday life?

Studing in university, working, and playing airsoft in (the) weekends. We model the United States Marine Corps, and this is me with (an) M4 MRE in the photo:

20. GameReplays - Where do you see yourself in 5 Years from now?

Working in a high position of the public office.

21. GameReplays - If you could give one tip of advice to others like you, what would it be?

If you lose one game - watch 3 replays about this match-up.

22. GameReplays - If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or visit the future?

I would like to go back and play on the official EA server

23. GameReplays - Anything you'd like to add?

I'm sorry that many good players like these: Stiwie, Xehanort, J2C2KL, Ganjaman, Scop rarely play a bfme.

24. GameReplays - Thanks for doing this month's Spotlight!

With that we have reached the end of this edition of Spotlight. If you'd like a particular player to be featured in this series or if you have any comments regarding this interview do post it below. Till next time!

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