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Mordor Vs. FoL - Starting Pathways On All QM Maps

By -Sebra - 16th October 2008 - 15:59 PM

In this guide, there will be explained where to send your first starting orcs and smeagol, wich mills you need to take and where to scout and defend, what the best starting build order is, and this on all 1vs1 QM maps off and on host. This all will be explained by text, by maps, by replays, and a small video which shows how to move the orcs around.
Note: All starting build orders and pathways are advised. Every Mordor has his own style and different pathways then shown in this guide.

From now on I will use certain abbrevations, here's a list which will show them all:

BO = Build order

MC = Map control

Red line on the map = the two starting Orcs

Yellow line on the map = Smeagol (if it's used)

Green line on the map = The first orc that comes out of the pit.

Purple Line on the map = Labourers

FoL = Forces of light (Gondor and Rohan)

FoD = Forces of Darkness (Mordor and Isengard)

This is an unique map with advantages for each side, but is slightly imbalanced due to its size and uneveness. The top side has three goblin lairs available for early creeping and a fast economy along with some ruined towers for some nice defense, whereas the bottom side is at a slight inconvenient position with fewer lairs that can be creeped early and less starting settlements.

Advised BO: Orc pit + Smeagol

Onhost / Bottom Spot
Buy Smeagol and an Orc pit, send Smeagol directly to the Top left mill. He will probably arrive there before the first of his soldiers or peasants. When he arrives, use the waypoint (alt + click) button to let him walk around the farm spot so he can't buy it. Send one of your Orcs to the middle left mill above the troll, and then head to the top left mill to help Smeagol, kill the soldier, peasant bat and claim the mill. The other Orc goes to the right mill closest to your base and then goes up to the top right mill.

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Offhost / Top Spot
Buy Smeagol and an Orc pit. Send Smeagol to the mill behind your base, then forward to the middle left mill. Send both of your Orcs to the middle left mill too, if there is one peasant / soldier bat, kill it, if two, lure the troll to kill his mill and then hit and run him with Smeagol to hold him up for your freshly bought orcs from your orc pit to finish them off. If there is only one, then he goes through the other side and then send Smeagol and the new orcs from the pit to that side. Use the labourers to take the 2 other mills at the back of your base. (Note: put the waypoint of the right mill on the back of the mill, if you do that, the wargs won't kill your mill.)

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Fangorn Forest
This is a big map with four starting settlements and two more guarded by goblins. There are troll lairs scattered around that guard the outposts and there are several mountains surrounding the castles that act as chokepoints. Due to its size and amount of initial settlements, Fangorn favors certain factions that will have advantages over the others but still makes for some fast games.

Advised BO: orc pit + Smeagol

Onhost / East Spot
Buy Smeagol + pit. Send one of your starting orcs to the left mill and the other to the mill above your base, then send both to the most northern mill. (Note: watch out, a troll might be at the blue line on the map, he can kill your orcs and mess up your early game.) Then proceed to the goblin lair on the left, if he's creeping, then interrupt and kill his bats with eye and kill the creep. If he isn't creeping then proceed to his mill and go kill it. Send Smeagol directly to his bottom mill, he should arrive there before the peasant / soldier bats. If you see two of them coming, then try to keep them busy untill you have enough orcs to handle them. If there's only one bat, then let the first orc proceed and help Smeagol out, you can also lure the troll to kill his mill / soldiers.

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Offhost / West Spot
Buy Smeagol + pit. Send your starting orcs to the right and bottom mill. Send Smeagol to the mill at the most southern point of the map. Don't wait to buy the mill there, proceed to the goblin lair at his side. Use your two orcs to get the third mill and then follow Smeagol to the lair, if you see him creeping, interupt, kill his soldiers, and take the creep. If you see one-two soldiers coming your way, then defend and kill them. Use troll luring if needed. Use a labourer to get the last mill, and then lure the troll to his top mill.

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