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Isengard Hero Guide

By Guardian - 26th July 2007 - 21:46 PM

Isengard hero Guide

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Leader of the Uruk-hai
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Cost: 1200
Shortcut: Z

Health: Rank 1 - 1200 (increases 60 per level)
Rank 2 - 1260

Melee Damage: Rank 1 - 60 (increases 10 per level)
Rank 2 - 70

Ranged Damage: Rank 1 - 40 (increases 10 per level)
Rank 2 - 50


Toggle: [T]
Description: Switch from ranged mode (bow) to melee (sword).

Cripple: [C]
Description: Temporarily pin an enemy hero in place for about 30 seconds. Also inflicts damage to normal units but doesn't pin them. Easily one of Isengard's best uses in the heat of battle.

Carnage: [R]
Required Rank: 3
Description: Used in sword mode, this power gives Lurtz a +200% damage, +20% armor bonus for about 10 seconds. This is a great power for finishing off a crippled hero or to save Lurtz's life when he is low on health.

Required Rank: 5
Description: Gives nearby friendly units a +60% damage bonus. Once Lurtz reaches this level he is especially important to your late game armies since the Isengard faction does not rely on its Leadership too much.

Required Rank: 6
Description: Gives resources as enemy units or heroes are slain. A very useful addition to your late game economy.

Creeping abilities

Goblins: Never a problem, the easiest and most convenient method is to press "G" for Guard, that way Lurtz will kill all the goblins then the lair. As goblins are respawned, Lurtz will kill them as they come out and still proceed with the lair. At the same time that you are getting a little more rank points from more goblins, you can just leave him alone and concentrate on your micro elsewhere on the map.

Wargs: Also not a worry, just use arrows on the two wargs and go in with Lurtz's sword to take down the lair quicker. Cripple will kill a warg in one hit if you are in a hurry, and again you can use Guard if necessary.

Trolls: Just attack the lair with arrows because by keeping the troll alive an opponent can send a horse battalion or something to get the last hit on the lair. The troll will be defending it at the same time that Lurtz is creeping it so you are ensured from someone attempting to creepjack you. Or you can kill the troll with arrows and run in with sword to bring down the lair faster.


The White Wizard
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Cost: 5000
Shortcut: S

Health: Rank 1 - 1400 (increases 100 per level)
Rank 2 - 1500

Melee Damage: Rank 1 - 120 (increases 10 per level)
Rank 2 - 130


Wizard Blast:
Description: Blasts back nearby enemies. Very useful defense for protecting your ballistas or to take out a concentrated area of units.

[b]Fireball: [F]
Description: Throws an energy ball at the targeted hero or units. This is a great way to help finish off an enemy hero or just to hit a few units with a nice splash effect.

Wormtongue: [W]
Description: Temporarily gain control of the targeted units. This is easily Saruman's best power in the middle of a battle and can be used to a variety of advantages. The effect runs out after about a minute but make sure you don't miss or else the power will dry fire.

Speech Craft: [C]
Description: Gives the targeted friendly units a small boost to their rank.

Description: Gives nearby friendly units a +30% armor, +100% Combat Experience bonus.

Creeping abilities

Goblins: Never a problem, you can use Wizard Blast to kill most of the goblins in a single hit then proceed with the lair.

Wargs: Saruman can melee the wargs just fine without losing too much health. There are a lot of ways to handle this lair but one method isn't necessarily the fastest so just melee the wargs then use Fireball on the lair to kill it faster.

Trolls: Fireball will kill the troll in one shot, allowing you to melee the lair.