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Isengard vs Rohan Masterguide

By sueffkopp - 21st January 2011 - 20:22 PM

Build Order

Early Game

In this match-up, always start with an Uruk Pit and claim the two Lumber Mills closest to your base. Be sure to build the Uruk Pit on a spot close to the nearest Lumber Mill so your Uruks will deploy towards your Mill. This will also assist in an early defense against a rush on the Mills.

Here's a Screenshot of how it should look:

IPB Image

It is also acceptable to start by making an Uruk Pit and a Furnace. Make sure to take the Mill furthest away from your base because it will make it harder for the opponent to take any of your settlements. Another Uruk should be made before your second Mill to counter any Peasant spam that the Rohan will most likely perform. Purchase Furnaces between your Uruks, but do not delay your Uruk spam too much. Isengard needs to gain the upper hand against the Peasant spam or else they will have a hard time against Rohirrim. You should have between two and four Furnaces by the time Pikes are coming out onto the map. Get further Furnaces when you have the money until one spot is left. It is also possible to stop building Furnaces after three of them have been built and build a Warg Pit. Industry and map-control allow you to fill your base with Furnaces while making Pikes and Wargs.

Middle Game

Middle game begins when you construct the Warg Pit. Make sure to have a sufficient amount of towers in your base to keep any Rohirrim out of your base. After two to three Warg have been made, replace the Warg Pit with an Armory. If you have a good economy, it is possible to delete a Furnace and get an Armory while the Warg Pit is still up, or buy Lurtz. Purchase all upgrades from the Armory and then sell it. You can then build either another Furnace or another Warg Pit depending on whether economy or Wargs are needed more. When you are under a lot of pressure, however, you can skip Fire Arrows to have more money for upgrading units. Upgrade all Wargs and also some Pikes, but not all Pikes need to be upgraded. If Lurtz has not been purchased yet it is now a good time to do so. Once you are in a good position, you can push to end the game quickly. Try rushing Rams or Ballistas from an outpost; otherwise keep fighting for map-control and Power Points. In the meantime, save up for Saruman or make Combos, whichever you think is needed more.

Late Game

Once you are into the later stages of the game, try to get both of the Outposts and build 1-2 Siegeworks at the Outpost closest to his Castle. Spam Ballistas from this Outpost and make Combos if you do not already have them yet. Buy Furnaces to fill in the Build-spots at the other outpost.
The Build Order should look like this:
  • Uruk Pit
  • Outer Mills
  • Furnaces in the base
  • Warg Pit
  • (Lurtz)
  • Armory
  • Lurtz (if you haven't purchased him yet)
  • more Wargs if needed
  • (Saruman)
  • Siegeworks
  • Combos
  • Saruman (if you don't have him yet)