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Isengard vs Isengard Master Guide

By LiGhT` - 26th October 2010 - 18:57 PM

This Match-up is probably one of the most difficult to master and to win on a regular basis. It can also be one of the closest match-ups in the game. If both players play virtually identical strategies, it will most likely be all about timing and a bit of luck. It is also well known to produce the shortest games of BfME - nearly all of them end straight after one player gets upgrades, if not before. However, this is not always the case, some Isengard mirrors can go all the way to the Balrog! This guide will help you approach the stages of the match-up in the right way and set you on the correct path.

The main factor in this match-up is your Uruk, and later Berserker use. It is vital that you do not waste them in any way and keep up a constant pressure on your opponent while getting the right balance of economy structures amidst your Uruk spam. It is important to get furnaces up as soon as possible so that you are not as dependent on your Lumber Mills which are open to attack. Your Lumber Mills will also decrease the cost of other structures and leave you more money for your units.

Table of Contents
Power Point Progression
Build Order

The Basic Principles

Before we get started, there are some things that are vital to success in an Isengard mirror. Here are the basics that must be understood and followed before progressing any further:
Never chase enemy Uruks back to your side of the map in an attempt to defend

In a professional Isengard mirror, you may well find that your Uruks cross at the same point on the map. It is important that you do not follow him back to your mills, but continue to your opponent's Lumber Mills.

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If your opponent targets your Lumber Mill with his battalion of Uruks and you target his Uruks with your own, he will manage to still destroy your Lumber Mill and his Lumber Mill will also be untouched. Since you can't stop your opponent killing your Lumber Mills, you simply have to keep him on the same level and go destroy his.
Never use War Chant defensively

Uses the same principle as above. A War Chanted battalion of enemy Uruks will kill your Lumber Mill long before you kill his Uruks even if you use War Chant to attempt to save it. This will result in a wasted War Chant that could otherwise have been used to damage to your opponent's economy.

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The second reason why this is so important is because how strong War Chant can be when used offensively. A War Chanted battalion of Uruks can kill at least a couple of towers, meaning that your enemy's base is not safe. The damage can be devastating when more than one Uruk battalion is War Chanted.
War Chant remains active once you have moved off a Tainted Land

For information regarding this statement and a little bit of "proof" click: here