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Mordor vs Gondor Masterguide

By Segway - 7th May 2007 - 21:50 PM


Early Game

This is the most important and hardest time for a Mordor when against a Gondor. It is recommended to go for a Slaughterhouse and orcpit start in this match up. Then buy the mills with Orcs and after that buy Gollum ASAP to help defend vs. the soldier rush. After the mills have been purchased, scout with Orcs and find out which way the soldiers are coming to attack the lumber mills. Once the soldiers are sighted, it's a good idea to do chase attacking. This means attacking the soldiers then quickly running back before they attack you. This slows them down until you can get Gollum down with your third set of Orcs. Only ever get into full combat with the soldiers once Gollum and three sets of Orcs are ready to fight together with Eye of Sauron. After you have stopped his attack look to attack the middle warg lair. This is done mainly for the treasure because it comes to 300 resources, economy that is nearly enough to buy a whole slaughterhouse. If Mordor don't creep a warg lair with the Orcs then its first troll will come out much slower. Remember to put up three towers incase Gondor catches you out and attacks your base with his first knight battalion. Be sure that after creeping to wait for enough power points to use Tainted Land. The reason for using tainted land before Gondor places his Eleven Wood is because you want him to cover. Gondor wasting this power point means it will either force him to go combos or ruin his idea for a fast Gandalf the White. Another thing it does, if he covers, is slow down enemy eagles by 1 power point. This really can make all the difference between a win and a loss. Be sure to also take down 3/6 creeps on the map for the same reasons stated before.

Middle Game

At this point in the game a troll cage should be out and trolls are reclaiming lost mills. Now is the time to quickly grab the remaining creeps left from his knights. It should be possible to get two remaining warg lairs. Once two trolls and the Eye of Sauron are available, attack Gondor's wall because if he's going fast Gandalf there will be nothing for him to stop you apart from putting up towers and wasting money. Once a stable economy has been established and industry is available delete the Orc pit and make room for a 2nd troll cage at the back of the base. As soon as the first troll cage has reached rank 2 don't hesitate to get that drummer out and back up the existing trolls with even more leadership. When it is apparent Gandalf the White is on the field, gather all available trolls in one place and take the drummer to them. Then grab stones and click the icon saying halt fire; this is vital because if Gandalf runs in circles round the trolls they won't throw and miss automatically and the stones stop Gandalf from picking them off with istari light. In the end there should be 2 groups of trolls going around taking back map control and killing any knights harassing. Now, maintaining map control is important while saving for the Witch king. The Witch King gives a nice boost of leadership to propel a Mordor army over the edge and enables it to defeat any army Gondor can muster. When the army you control is large enough to control both outposts take them and get ready for late game.

Late Game

Now it's time for some siege. The best unit for this is a catapult, because in 1.03 they get leadership. So with the help of drummer, darkness and Witch King these (catapults) are a deadly force against your opponent. Considering Gondor has Stone Worker it is important to make two siege works. Whilst these are building remember there's also another outpost on the map, send a few trolls down there with a drummer and make one more siege works and 2 furnaces. This enables an attack from two sides to confuse the enemy of which side of his castle he's going to need to defend. If the Gondor camps it will be no problem because three siege works will be producing catapults. If you have lost a lot of trolls and didn't get many creeps, expect eagles to come halfway through the siege. The only problem with this strategy is that there's nothing to stop eagles with. The only thing you can do is rebuild an orc pit and get those archers out fast. If it's past the stage of eagles and now both sides are heading for Balrog and Army of the Dead, remember: don't lose trolls, keep units together, and keep on the lookout for Gandalf. Once Balrog is available summon it under Gondor's army and heroes because it will kill them or greatly damage them. It is possible to also take out a whole Gondor castle with just one Balrog. When Gondor tries to kill the Balrog with Gandalf's lightning sword use the whip because it does deadly damage vs. Gandalf whilst he's using a spell.