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Mordor vs Gondor Masterguide

By Segway - 7th May 2007 - 21:50 PM


How to beat Gondor knights with Orcs

You may be thinking to yourself dam I've cash floated now my trolls going to be late. Well there's a way of utilizing the orcs you have left after you have creeped. Just place Tainted land as soon as you can next to one of your mills and place orcs on it hoping he will run over you. If he does then activate the Eye of Sauron on your Orcs and they will become a slight threat to his knights making him have to go back and heal at his base. This will only work vs. 1 knight at a time though.

My enemy is camping with upgraded towers what can i do?

When you have mass trolls and you have cornered him into his base never ever go for an attack if he has upgraded towers. It just won't work. What you have to do is take the nearest outpost and build two siege works and sit back with catapult destroying his walls one by one. Because if you do attack and it fails then your left with few trolls and will lose all the map control you need to win the game with.

I don't have many Orcs after his Soldier attack how can i creep?

Remember that wargs always attack the first thing they can reach and as Gollum is fast he can quickly lure the wargs away whilst you only have sets of Orcs to go and attack the lair freely without trouble from those wargs. You always have to creep one of the lairs early game if you wish to get your Troll cage up fast.

His Gandalf is killing all my units

Like I've said before you have to a drummer nearby and pick up rocks with 4 or 5 trolls and wait for him to use a spell. Once you know he's gonna use the spell cast the Eye of Sauron on your trolls and throw those rocks at him and hope for him to die!