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Mordor vs Rohan Master Guide

By Daemon - 24th March 2007 - 01:31 AM

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Mordor vs Rohan has changed a lot since the release of the 1.03 patch. This matchup is played similarly to the 1.02 patch but there are several new things you need to keep in mind because Rohan has received plenty of buffs and now can dominate this matchup if played correctly. This is now probably one of the more difficult matchups for Mordor in general. It will now take lots of skill and a little touch of luck to bring the riders of Rohan down.

One big difference in this matchup is quite simple: Rohirrim are a force to be reckoned with. They are super annoying. Mordor has no real early game counter to Rohirrim thus no way to save your mills. They can also creep efficiently, something they couldn't do well without Theo's help in patch 1.02. Mordor's orcs have changed for the worse as well now that they are weaker and take buildings down slower. They must be used for mill defense. Any early game attempts at creeping with them will allow Rohan to bring your economy to a halt quickly.

Mordor's Early Game Objective: Keep your two initial mills intact for as long as possible.

I will be taking those who have great difficulty beating Rohan through this guide with several build orders, strategies, and uses for units that will help you greatly.