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Battle for Middle Earth Strategies

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Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week - Trolls

Sunday, 29 Apr 2018
Tip of the Week: How to feed a Troll with tree?Hi Commanders,I am HungryTroll and I am the author of today's Tip of the Week.Let us suppose that we have a troll who has long served for you, and he has very little health points (HP) left. Would you like to feed him to enable him to replenish his...
Strategy Guide

Guide: Weather-Powers in BFME

Friday, 30 Mar 2018
Guide: Weather-Powers in BFMEHello BFME1 players, I am HungryTroll, and today I will tell you about the weather in BFME. I shall be talking about abilities like Mordor Darkness, Isengard Rain, and Fol Cloudbreak. Many players ask questions like how do these abilities stack up, Cloudbreak is...
Strategy Guide

Double Rohan Guide Now Available

Sunday, 12 Apr 2015
Strategy Specialist Felix has just completed his guide for Double Rohan in 2v2. Check it out here
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Mordor - Eastern Rohan Guide

Monday, 21 Feb 2011
Eastern Rohan is one of the most difficult maps for Mordor, especially against the Forces of Light (Rohan/Gondor) because of the bad positions for both of the Settlements. This creates a poor economy for Mordor. There are several strategies here, but only one of them gave a good position to put...
Strategy Guide

Isengard vs Gondor: The Early Game

Saturday, 12 Feb 2011
Today, I will show you how powerful a well executed five-Uruk strategy can be against Gondor, on the Fords of Isen map. It is quite easily done, though it does require concentration.1. Starting build order and pathwaysThere are two options here: The pit/dual-mill start and the alternative...
Strategy Guide

Isengard vs Rohan Masterguide

Friday, 21 Jan 2011
Welcome to the Isengard vs. Rohan Master Guide. This guide contains the Power Point routes, Build Orders, strategies and counters for this match-up. It will show you how to play what is considered to be the hardest match-up for Isengard. The guide has been made for the map Fords of Isen in which...
Strategy Guide

Isengard vs Isengard Master Guide

Tuesday, 26 Oct 2010
This Match-up is probably one of the most difficult to master and to win on a regular basis. It can also be one of the closest match-ups in the game. If both players play virtually identical strategies, it will most likely be all about timing and a bit of luck. It is also well known to produce...
Gameplay Tip

Creeping a Troll Lair with your Hobbit

Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010
Our Senior Commentator Tomac has made us a new Tip of the Week, it's about how to creep a troll lair with your Hobbit. This can be done on the maps Dunharrow and Fangorn Forest. It can give your early game a great economy boost on the first map.Discuss this tip
Strategy Guide

Rohan vs Mordor Master Guide

Wednesday, 8 Sep 2010
Rohan verse Mordor is unanimously considered the easiest matchup for Rohan, and by far the hardest match-up for Mordor. This matchup essentially comes down to effective early rohirrim usage, and ultimately effective rohirrim archer usage. Sometimes this match-up can be decided during early game...
Gameplay Tip

How to Save Horses from Wargs under Palantir

Thursday, 24 Sep 2009
In this edition of Tip of the Week, we will show you how to save your horses from wargs under palantir.This is a tip for Forces of Light players but can also be used for Forces of Darkness in team games. We all know how annoying it can be when you are harassing an Isengard mill and then from...