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Battle for Middle Earth Strategies

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Strategy Guide

Gandalf Laming

Monday, 21 Sep 2009
Gandalf the White is easily Gondor's most powerful and feared unit. His use and micro will decide 75% of Gondor's match-ups (the exception being Isengard, but he is still vital against pros). Because of this it is essential that you know the finer points of his usage in order to surpass your...
Gameplay Tip

Two Peasants against a Soldier with Heal

Thursday, 17 Sep 2009
This tip, initially made by Maia, shows how to kill a Soldier battalion with Heal with two Peasants.We all think that one Soldier with Heal can beat two Peasants, right? Well, not if the Peasants attack correctly. This Tip of the Week will tell you how to beat a Soldier with Heal with two...
Strategy Guide

Mordor vs Forces of Light on Rohan

Sunday, 13 Sep 2009
Finding yourself as Mordor against Forces of Light (Gondor/Rohan) on Rohan map in Quick Match is possibly the worst combination you can ever come across in this game. You will find any normal strategy you may use on other maps just gets rolled over by the opponent here. The idea for Forces of...
Gameplay Tip

Destroying a Forces of Darkness Base with Balrog

Thursday, 10 Sep 2009
This tip shows how to destroy a Mordor or Isengard base with full towers and rebuilding cita with a single Balrog. It is not easy to execute, but with a bit of practise you can do it. Make sure you always use the shortcuts for Balrog's powers. At least for flying and igniting this is essential to...
Strategy Guide

Damage Scalar Guide

Sunday, 6 Sep 2009
Lots of units and heroes in The Battle for Middle-Earth have a so called damage scalar that modifies their dealt damages versus different units and heroes, making them - depending on circumstances - better or worse against other units or heroes. This scalar never changes throughout a whole game,...
Gameplay Tip

Annoying Hidden Heroes

Friday, 21 Aug 2009
This Tip of the Week by Maia shows us how to deal with annoying little heroes.This tip is for any match-up that involves hobbits or Gollum and can be used in 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 and 4vs4. Losing your buildings to hidden heros like Gollum and hobbits can be extremely annoying. And most of the time,...
Strategy Guide

Mordor vs Mordor Masterguide

Saturday, 8 Aug 2009
This is an old guide which has now been revamped with some small changes to strategy and new replays.A Mordor mirror is probably the hardest mirror game. There has to be a constant control of orcs at all times when there are more than ten battalions on the map at once. A crucial aspect of this...
Gameplay Tip

Stealing a Mill from Isengard

Friday, 7 Aug 2009
In this week's edition of Tip of the Week, IVERSON is going to steal a Mill from Isengard with Merry and Rohirrim.If you have Merry cloaked at an Isengard mill which has those nasty Pikes there and you wish to claim it then follow these Screenshots.So you have Merry cloaked under his Pikes and...
Gameplay Tip

How to Summon Units without Line of Sight

Saturday, 1 Aug 2009
In this week's edition of Tip of the Week, a tip by IVERSON that shows how to summon units without line of sight is updated with a video by EV1L.This tip will show you how to summon your units anywhere on the map, even when you are not around. This tip is useful if you need to grab an outpost...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week - Uncloaking Hidden Hobbits

Thursday, 23 Jul 2009
This tip of the week by Thrandy and the video by EV1L will show how to uncloak hidden hobbits using your heroes abilities.As you can see this Rohan surprised Gondor right in the process of creeping...... which turns out to be very unfortunate for Gondor because Rohan is going to take their outer...