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Battle for Middle Earth Strategies

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Strategy Guide

Map Control Part 1

Sunday, 28 Dec 2008
I am being continually asked by players that I have been helping with BfME how to keep control of the game and convert this into winning it. My answer to this has always been map control. Map control is the key to staying ahead of your opponents in a game, and ensuring your army is big enough to...
Strategy Guide

Rohan/Isengard vs. Mordor/Isengard

Sunday, 7 Dec 2008
IntroductionIn this guide I will be covering the entire matchup of Rohan/Isengard versus Mordor/Isengard, from a random start. This matchup is one of the more difficult matches early on due to Mordor/Isengards early leadership advantage, and later in the game their over powering weather...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week - Wallchecking

Thursday, 4 Dec 2008
In this week's edition of GameReplays.org Tip of the Week series, you will learn how to do the wall check trick effectively so it will always work and takes only little of your time in the beginning. You'll need the wallchecking trick in games against a random army so you know who you are up...
Strategy Guide

Gandalf And Knights

Saturday, 29 Nov 2008
IntroductionIn this guide I'm going to be covering everything to do with Gandalf and your Knights in all situations you can encounter in 1vs1. This means I'll be covering micro, build orders and the all important things like base rushing and Wizard Blasting correctly. I hope you enjoy reading and...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week - Creeping With One Soldier Battalion and Pippin

Tuesday, 25 Nov 2008
In this week's edition of GameReplays.org Tip of the Week series, you will learn how to most effectively creep with Gondor in early game, using only Pippin and one battalion of Soldiers. This is super effective as you can creep and harras the opponent at the same time. Creeping is very important...
Strategy Guide

West Emnet - Mordor QuickMatch Guide

Monday, 17 Nov 2008
This is one of the more imbalanced maps for Mordor, although you would think the opposite since it has a lot of creeps and three Mills. This is because the bases are very close together, and there are three possible routes for soldiers/horses to go to your Mills. In this guide I will explain...
Gameplay Tip

Creeping a Warg Lair with Soldiers

Thursday, 23 Oct 2008
This is a tip for Gondor players. It can be done vs FoL to outcreep them by having 2 warg lairs being creeped simultaneously (one with pip, other with soldiers).Creeping a warg lair with 2 soldiers is difficult but achievable, again this is all about heal timing and a little bit of luck. Use a...
Gameplay Tip

Pike/Berserker Combination

Thursday, 23 Oct 2008
It is just as simple as it sounds. Shortly after you have guarded your mills will Pikes and you feel itís time to launch your offensive, create one more Pike and then two Berserkers to creep and harass. It is a deadly combination, especially against Rohan.Ultimately you want to send these guys...
Gameplay Tip

Creeping A Warg Lair

Thursday, 23 Oct 2008
This week's tip will be telling us how to creep a Warg lair, so for all of you who find creeping a warg lair hard with Knights or Rohirrim then come and look at these screenshotsView this tip's video commentary:Discuss this tip
Strategy Guide

Mordor Vs. FoL - Starting Pathways On All QM Maps

Thursday, 16 Oct 2008
In this guide, there will be explained where to send your first starting orcs and smeagol, wich mills you need to take and where to scout and defend, what the best starting build order is, and this on all 1vs1 QM maps off and on host. This all will be explained by text, by maps, by replays, and a...