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Battle for Middle Earth Strategies

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Strategy Guide

Rohan Guides

Monday, 2 Apr 2007
Rohan, the noble horse lords of the Golden Hall who rely heavily upon cavalry dominance to secure an early advantage backed up with valiant peasants arming themselves to protect their farms and villages. Eventually archers arrive and heroes to back their forces giving huge leadership bonuses to...
Strategy Guide

Mordor Guides

Monday, 2 Apr 2007
Mordor, the evil forces of Sauron relying upon weight of orcs and disposable troops to get quick control of the battlefield until the shock troops arrive - the trolls. Mordor is vulnerable at the start to raids on it's economy slowing it's progression to the late game where it is dominant with...
Strategy Guide

Rohan vs Gondor Master Guide

Tuesday, 27 Mar 2007
Hello Rohan players, and welcome to the Rohan vs Gondor Master Guide. If you're one of the players who struggles versus a good Gondor, then this Master Guide should help you. Now this match is all about how well Rohan starts. But do not be put off, Rohan can also prevail late game and this guide...
Strategy Guide

Isengard vs Rohan Master Guide

Monday, 26 Mar 2007
This guide started life as Ranger's Isen v Rohan guide but I had some questions about it and I saw it could be improved. I have also added some screenshots as well to make the strategies a bit clearer. This guide contains the power point routes, build orders, strategies and counters for Isengard...
Strategy Guide

Mordor vs Rohan Master Guide

Saturday, 24 Mar 2007
Mordor vs Rohan has changed a lot since the release of the 1.03 patch. This matchup is played similarly to the 1.02 patch but there are several new things you need to keep in mind because Rohan has received plenty of buffs and now can dominate this matchup if played correctly. This is now...