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Battle for Middle Earth Gameplay Tips

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Tip of the Week - Saving your Mills against Warchant

Thursday, 9 Jul 2009
Maia made this tip about how to save your lumber mills against Warchant when he was a Strategy Specialist. It has now been updated with a video by EV1L.This tip is mainly for the 1vs1 match-up Mordor vs Isengard. Isengard can be extremely annoying because of the amount of times they can keep...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week - Hiding Units

Thursday, 2 Jul 2009
This Tip of the Week is an old tip by Strategy Specialist StGeorgeEngland alias Grishnakha about scouting with hidden units. The tip has now been updated and a video has been added by Senior Strategy Specialist EV1L.Please study these two pictures for a few seconds:You may be thinking what are...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of The Week-Laborer Repair

Thursday, 12 Mar 2009
It's a common misconception that the use of laborers to repair buildings is "bugged" and most people find that it doesn't work. Well this edition of the Tip of the Week is here to tell you it is not bugged. Repairing with a laborer works 100% of the time, however, the one requirement is the...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of The Week-Maximizing Rank Sharing Experience

Thursday, 26 Feb 2009
The tip uses the ability of rank sharing, but is all about how to maximize this and put it to good use, especially when creeping goblins with Soldiers and a Hobbit.Did you ever wonder why your Pippin is sometimes rank 2 and sometimes rank 3 after rank sharing with soldiers who kill a goblin...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of The Week-Creeping With Mordor

Wednesday, 18 Feb 2009
This weeks tip is brought to us by our Mordor Strategy Moderator Grishnakha. It is a rather extensive guide on creeping with the Mordor faction. This sort of information is invaluable to Mordor players in early game.Warg LairsOne HaradrimApproach and wait until the wargs go to the other side...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of The Week-Release The Prisoners

Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009
This appropriately named tip of the week focuses on the alternative ammunition available on Mordor's catapults. Many players often forget that catapults are capable of firing skulls which will strike fear into rank one enemy units.The following screenshots demonstrate this ability used on an...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week - Attacking and Defending a Castle

Monday, 5 Jan 2009
In this tip of the week our very own Game Commentator, Peak has provided a video of an idea of his which will show you how you should attack a Gondor castle using Trolls and defend a Gondor castle from Trolls. This should be handy at any time during a Gondor vs. Mordor game but can also be...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week - Wallchecking

Thursday, 4 Dec 2008
In this week's edition of GameReplays.org Tip of the Week series, you will learn how to do the wall check trick effectively so it will always work and takes only little of your time in the beginning. You'll need the wallchecking trick in games against a random army so you know who you are up...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week - Creeping With One Soldier Battalion and Pippin

Tuesday, 25 Nov 2008
In this week's edition of GameReplays.org Tip of the Week series, you will learn how to most effectively creep with Gondor in early game, using only Pippin and one battalion of Soldiers. This is super effective as you can creep and harras the opponent at the same time. Creeping is very important...
Gameplay Tip

Creeping a Warg Lair with Soldiers

Thursday, 23 Oct 2008
This is a tip for Gondor players. It can be done vs FoL to outcreep them by having 2 warg lairs being creeped simultaneously (one with pip, other with soldiers).Creeping a warg lair with 2 soldiers is difficult but achievable, again this is all about heal timing and a little bit of luck. Use a...