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Battle for Middle Earth

[Rating] Good game with awesome players

#1mark30071  Sep 24 2007, 18:45 PM -
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Really fun game.

The teams were as follows:
Hamsammich(rohan)Czringsjara(rohan)chicheng(gondor) vs.

Everyone can scream and cry about how mordor is so unbeatable...take a look at this replay to see how it can be countered nicely.

Game overview:
Team 1 blew off the doors with the creeping. They scooped up almost everything. They brought the fight to us very early rather than let us get free gc and a massive army. They then made a really nice transition from creeping peasants to having horse archers, peomen, elves, and heroes. They targeted heroes and bonus units very well and made some very nice strategic choices. Their gondor teammate turtled up on us...but we did try to get him out of his shell. They really should've had us at some points.

Team 2 went right to midgame never spamming units to creep in the beginning. There were also some anticipation errors against the rohirrim HA army. The base defense portion of the game was quite well played though. LD spread as needed- bluffs to scare off better forces until we had a nice foolproof army.

Rain and gondor are the reasons team 1 lost. Gondor should've been on the field helping his team. If they had brought up TG's and the horse archers to our rohan base it would've been gg. Trebs were also a necessity that was lacking. Luckily we attack gondor's base a few times so there are massive 3 on 3 fights in this one where both sides take some heavy losses. Either way even though the team with mordor won I think its a fine example of how to counter a mordor on the other team in a 3v3. If only gondor hadn't camped...

#2d_n_a  Sep 24 2007, 19:27 PM -
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Replay Reviewed smilie_bleh.gif
#3mark30071  Sep 24 2007, 20:03 PM -
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Yeah lol I suppose I did review it myself...maybe I should've asked for a rating. If anyone wants to take a look and compare their review to mine I'd be interested to see what players better than me have to say.
#4FlashJack  Sep 24 2007, 20:36 PM -
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Everyone can scream and cry about how mordor is so unbeatable

doesn't quite sound right coming from you tongue.gif
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#5mark30071  Sep 24 2007, 23:14 PM -
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Quoting myself:

I think mordor has alot of LD...but hasn't anyone won a game where the other side had more bonuses? How did you do it? Did you send your elves with theo and aragorn to fight them when they just dropped eye on some warchanted uruks backed by drummers/WK? Or did you CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY to counter theirs? How about an ally with some siege equipment or something...

Quoting Miho:
Tbh, in that MU Isen is the bigger nightmare. Ofc Mordor has oP ld, but Rohans can manage to push them back, but Isen will get rain in like 99% of the games, and this is what will kill 2 Rohans, because they cant make any siege.

Quoting animator:
in my opinion you gotta be fast and you gotta be strong, good micro and good strat can overcome mordor in 3v3, what you don't them to do is get all the LD they can get because then they give all that shit to their ally and he makes a joke out of you. do exactly what you would do in 2v2 in MU: isen-rohan vs mor-gon, you kill em fast so the mordor don't get all the LD and catas which will own you

This game is a nice example of all this.

BTW I love that post animator...you wouldn't happen to be an old gym teacher would you?

#6FlashJack  Sep 25 2007, 10:01 AM -
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what post lol
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