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Battle for Middle Earth

isen V gondor westfold

#1acerrak  Oct 13 2007, 00:54 AM -
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this was a good game the ending is what got me going ... balrogs aod etc etc.. though the game didnt count on is host i do not blame him it was going down to the wire,and i thouht it was intense

a review would be good and dont be to harch on my horse micro=(
#2Morosovisch  Oct 19 2007, 07:55 AM -
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Reviewed by morosovisch

Starting positions:
Forcewerk - right
Mentaly11L - left

Overall: Nice game between gondor vs isengard were gondor nonstopped attacked isen base but with some good defending isen came out and started an counter attack. The constant attacking from both sides made many base switches and in the end no one had a base tongue.gif

Mentaly IIl, Gondor

u did a nice job in winning this game at an isens host smile.gif Your agressive way of playing gondor was a nice way to see thum.gif U choised to get a farm inside to get horse cheaper, but i strongly recommend a blacksmith instead, cause by the time u bought your first horses u had way enough farms outside. I u had forced blades or Heavy army due the time of your first horse rush, u would have destroyed him.

When u came in mid came, u didnt went for combos, but kept on doing base rushes and soldiers spam. Almost your whole army died then because his combos who rape soldiers post-13661-1143531603.gif . I advice to make combos, or towerguards with trebs behind it, but not soldiers only.

Nice late game micro! Your use of Aod was extremly strong thum.gif U killed his defense army AND his half attack army with only one AOD, PRO thum.gif
Bit stupid of not closing your gate on time when u bought fortress: 5000 to moon tongue.gif but it didnt matter anyway, u had the win in your pocket thumb.gif


- AOD micro
- good creeping hobbit and horses togheter
- rank 10 horses on an isen host isnt easy thumb.gif
- decide to make trebs thum.gif
- constant attack on isen base

- BS instead of farm @ start
- Take an outpost with well and statue so u can heal way faster after a base attack
- Dont use land 3th time [u could have known your opponent had taunted land
-combos/trebs or towerguards/trebs instead of soldiers and trebs.


U played a very nice game with some sauro micro many players could learn alot from thumb.gif Imo u lost because of two factors:
-U didnt made wargs in this game. Wargs are so important to counter his horses and soldiers. Also they are a musthave against Fire trebs. So i advice to make wargs, its a matter of taste when u make them but u sure need them!
-U didnt demolished your buildings before they came in the red area post-13661-1143531603.gif
this gave him so much powerpoints that the eagles and other summons came uber uber fast!

The begin didnt went bad for u, but creeping with the crossbows is a dangerous mission, u were unlucky they were spotted sad.gif Also make sure u make woodcutters at every mill and if one mill get killed, spread out the lumbers

The mid came started as a disaster because u didnt made wargs post-13661-1143531603.gif and went for combos straight away. But when sauro came out, it all changed: u won a big battle and i though u were gonna win there.

But in the late game u were reminded on your skipping wargs and your opponent pp progression. His horses could do hit and run attack unpunished at your base [wargs handle them normal] and the summons were a bad pain in the but. Even when u had both the fortresses and gondor had only one outpost, gondors horses& summons were just too op.

-Saurumon micro numchuks.gif
- pike with spears down at right moment
- Ballrog killing castle
- sneaking with your army in the corner of the level to hide for AOD tongue.gif

-wargs post-13661-1143531603.gif
-Demo buildings before they give pp
-Use industry when is possible
-Always extra woodcutters
-Counter land when u are possible

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#3Morosovisch  Oct 19 2007, 13:38 PM -
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Nice game guys i enjoyed it smile.gif
#4general grievous^  Oct 22 2007, 03:55 AM -
Review is official, I'd give this around 5-6. Wubbed biggrin.gif. Also this is a rotw contender btw.
#5acerrak  Oct 22 2007, 21:14 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
woot a replay of the week contendor ..hey thanks guys for the watch and reviews smile.gif
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