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Battle for Middle Earth


#1DirtyDeeler  Nov 3 2007, 21:21 PM -
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GOndor Vs Isen Greatest Game ive ever played
#2k3anU  Nov 6 2007, 12:33 PM -
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nice game. very entertaining, not the greatest micro'd, but very entertaining from start to finish. these are the games i love to play.
#3Jase  Nov 6 2007, 15:56 PM -
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all isen needed was ballistas which he never did only 1 in the whole game then it would have been game over. but WP ! to both wubbed
#4Robbie  Nov 6 2007, 16:53 PM -
Il review this. Ok?
#5Robbie  Nov 6 2007, 19:04 PM -
K i watched nearly the entire game then it debugged just b4 the end frusty.gif
Il watch the end later and edit my review if any big twists happend.
#6Robbie  Nov 6 2007, 19:43 PM -
Starting positions:
Gondor/DragonOfTheEast - East
Isenguard/EAGLE|FTW - West


Pretty long game where Gondor camps and defeats isenguard without GTW, trebs or SW. Isen goes fast wargs and gets an early advantage but fails to capatalize on it.


Good early game, pressurising his mills, killing one and maiming 2 others for a short while. Well defended of your farms at the start, just remember that elven wood only cancels warchant while hes on the wood. Did very well to get horse out very quickly, but used all of them to creep rather than pressure his mills and base. You could have done some serious damage with a good horseshield rush early on, since you got blades so fast. Your choice of army was very strange indeed. All you had for most of the game was one horse and mass toweguards. the towerguards did no good what so ever in this game, and you got fara at a very strange time, then lost him straight away. You needed more horse, maybe trebs and combos. Remember to fight for MC always, you gave up when he started sieging. However, you hung in there when alot of players would have quit and got your win in the end. Allough im sure this game was more fustrating for your opponent.

  • Use your knights to pressure his eco, and atempt a hs rush
  • Dont sell your stable untill you have enough horse. 2 Bats really wasnt enough
  • Would have been nice to see GTW at some point
  • Use summons better, they arent enough to single handly take on an entire isen army.
  • Kept placing elven wood for him to cover and get a nice ld boost
Good fast wargs gave you MC in mid game and set you up nicely for the siege. However your early game paied for this, you were unable to protect your mills with just 2 bats. Uruk spam then fast pike spam is a better option in this MU, with wargs coming slightly later. You would deffinatly needed pikes if he pressuried your base more. Well done getting lurtz quickly to level 5 but then you lost him stupidly many times including to towers frusty.gif I know it can be fustrating to siege gondor as isen, but resist the temptation to send your army straight in. Siege him with balistas, being protected by combos and pikes. Take down his wall piece by piece if need be. Patience is certainly needed to win this. Also, put your xbows in combos for protection. No need for the late game zerker spam either.

  • More uruks and pikes early game
  • CREEP!! 2 gobs went untaken all game
  • Dont rush your army in, use balistas
  • Delete armoury straight away after all ups are finished
  • Make sure you have enough firepower to deal with eagles
  • Use palantir to give you wargs a speed boost when chasing down his horse

Highlight of the match:
Gondors desperate struggle to survive with a few blacksmiths left (not sure if he wanted you to quit here to avoid win/loose tongue.gif )

Rating: 3
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#7k3anU  Nov 6 2007, 23:35 PM -
Replays: 46 Game:
interesting review... eyebrow.gif
#8DirtyDeeler  Nov 7 2007, 19:30 PM -
Replays: 13 Game:
thx for the review lol but gtw was out of the question and useless his lurtz ranked to quick i didnt catch the creeps and fed his lurtz a few times the tg i had made did there purpose well i weakend army with summons if u were wondering why i "wasted" was for when they came to attack was much easier to kill i got faramir at miserable time lol but my lvl 10 cav bat and aod and summons was what made the game fun for me thx for the review and wubs
#9DirtyDeeler  Nov 7 2007, 19:32 PM -
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and the EAGLE quit because i got him frustrated after i beleive his balrog died 3 times to my aod i didnt even get to camp i just having the battles in my base tbh was living by every last piece of gold i got
#10DirtyDeeler  Nov 7 2007, 20:02 PM -
Replays: 13 Game:
and the wargs got me wasnt expecting them so early i was going to shield rush but when i saw wargs i got rid of stable decided to just micro my cav i had 3 cav bats just didnt get sheilds cuz his wargs had me beat down i lost one cav bat relaitvly quickly just got up and jumped off screen tongue.gif
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