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Battle for Middle Earth

Maia(rohan)vs Butta(isen) great game

#1`daii  Nov 24 2007, 13:34 PM -
A very good game with a very enteraining mu, mc switching all the time, very good micro by maia who barely lost a unit im not sure.

The game came down to 2 balrogs in my favour

who ever is going to review this, your in for a treat, and dont be low on the score tongue.gif
#2FlashJack  Nov 24 2007, 13:44 PM -
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lol if my disc didn't pop out of nowhere i wouldn't be playing but i'm happy that it did show up cos this game was OP

butta is definately one of the top isens left on this game atm

few things i wanna say. i don't think my ent rush was the best idea at all, combos-ara would have come much faster and would have been more effective but i was scared u would get saruman or rain and fuck my combos

also if i didn't lose those few rohirrim in one of the end battles, i reckon i could have harrassed more and got PP for aod

and i can't believe i nubed up theo at the end, the only time i nub him up and that is when i rly need him sad.gif one more GC rush with those rank 10s woulda been great

anyway great game should be rotw no doubt smile.gif

note to rohans out there - try RAs vs isen as much as u can, they are rly helpful vs wargs and FU pikes round the map with theo LD, i only managed one cos of crap eco but it's great
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#3`daii  Nov 24 2007, 13:49 PM -
things I would like to say about my game:

I went fast lurtz to make sure he didnt get ALL my mills, wargs would have messed up my eco too badly, maia had a good start, so mine was bad abviously

my starting micro was poor, losing pikes to peasents, but it was the 1st game of the day.

The wormtongue on the 4 ents was op WTF.gif
#4Yardang  Nov 24 2007, 15:42 PM -
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Just pro! thum.gif
good game and nice watch
#5STurm`  Nov 24 2007, 19:24 PM -
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told u they always come back smile.gif

#6FlashJack  Nov 24 2007, 19:31 PM -
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hey leave pies out of this, watch the game!
#7Peak  Nov 24 2007, 20:50 PM -
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Lol at balrog wiping out 3/4 of your own wargs butta, especially as you led em straight into him ^^

Other than that nice game - only very bad call/timing and useage of enting crippled fluent watch (would have really prefered to see that without it) and probably - as game showed - made a comback hard/impossible cry.gif
#8k3anU  Nov 25 2007, 06:32 AM -
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nice... i watched and could only think... gangsta!! the bolrog whipp made me say out loud... booo'ya, smack down!!! no but seriously i digged this game. it was bang'n. very entertaining for me.

#9Grendel|6  Nov 25 2007, 16:24 PM -
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very well played from both. Maias critic from himself is correct. Nice micro on the diffrent places at the same time all over the map.

high skilled and very entertaining match, more of them pls.

--> wubbed
#10Guardian  Nov 25 2007, 19:51 PM -
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Since i watched this i might as well review lol.

Hope i still know how tongue.gif
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