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Battle for Middle Earth

1v1 Ladder Tournament - chyna Vs. Me (Game 1)

#1Xehanort  Dec 8 2011, 23:39 PM -
Replays: 61 Game:
For the tournament, GG! His Rohan versus my Isengard, outplayed me all game tongue.gif

Good watch to see how to dominate Isengard with Rohan early/mid/late game.
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#2sueffkopp  Dec 9 2011, 00:41 AM -
Replays: 58 Game:
Nice Saruman rush haha.
#3Xehanort  Dec 9 2011, 00:44 AM -
Replays: 61 Game:
That was too quick, whateverrr hehe
#4StiWie`  Dec 9 2011, 03:05 AM -
Replays: 68 Game:
Wp chyna's rohan, and Xeha's Saruu, so op, killed lot of horses with fireball..
#5sueffkopp  Dec 9 2011, 15:46 PM -
Replays: 58 Game:
It lost you the game haha.
#6Xehanort  Dec 9 2011, 17:01 PM -
Replays: 61 Game:
Yeah most likely, was still winnable but just made it much harder. Second game I won easy when I went straight for wargs, I was Host though.
#7sueffkopp  Dec 9 2011, 18:32 PM -
Replays: 58 Game:
But yea Chyna played so smart in this one, I am truly impressed.
#8Vip3rPhoenix  Dec 9 2011, 23:12 PM -
Replays: 37 Game:
Chyna lost WAAAAY too many horses to be honest (Watch the minimap dude). However I really liked the peasant spam at the start, and how Chyna kept making Xeha waste his chant. Good game guys, and well played. Wubbed.

I knew rohan would win.
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#9*Randall*  Dec 12 2011, 02:54 AM -
Replays: 56 Game:
mmmm chyna dont care the horses
But nice move saru XD
great game
#10lustral  Jan 29 2012, 19:06 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
mmmm chyna dont care the horses
But nice move saru XD
great game

You have no fcking clue. Stop commenting replays please.

Best Rohan i have ever seen.
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