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Battle for Middle Earth

HungryTroll Myth vrs rihanna Ganja

#1MythvMight  Jan 28 2018, 19:20 PM -
Replays: 139 Game:
Our 2 Rohan vrs the Rohan Mordor and this was a nice game.
#2HungryTroll  Jan 29 2018, 14:32 PM -
Very good revenge Sammy!
I pointed to u, when big mordor army was going to my castle, but u was busy a dispute with sadixov...
And my castle is out...
#3sadixov  Jan 29 2018, 15:35 PM -
who wubed it?
#4Johann Tilly  Jan 31 2018, 08:06 AM -
QUOTE(sadixov @ Jan 29 2018, 15:35 PM)
who wubed it?

I wubbed it. smile.gif Most of the people doesnt wub even if a replay is good or has hundreds or thousands of downloads, which I find quite strange.
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