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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 Wold Gondor Mordor vs Mordor Isen

#1gahvin  Jan 5 2022, 23:26 PM -
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Some high stakes QM. Terrible decisions from me with starting soldiers and build order (buying full upgrades when Mordor is rushing Naz) but Felix was so ahead it let me wait for gandy.
#2ValsaDoom  Jan 7 2022, 03:12 AM -
Top right Karuskas playing Mordor
Bottom right gahvin playing Gondor


Top right Th0rin` playing Isengard
Bottom right Bwel playing Mordor

As Mordor player Karuskas was facing Th0rin` who was playing Isengard, and since I remember an old saying maybe 10 years ago on patch 1.03, an expert player told me that you need 4 orc-pits to counter Isengard, and you should always keep 3 sets of orcs at all time before sending them around the map, maybe Karuskas had only 3 orc-pits but this is patch 1.09, close enough if you ask me, bottom line he managed to get map control in early game, very well played Felix!

Th0rin` had a slow start, but his situation was like a train, slow at first, but at some point it gets unstoppable, and so he was first with the Rog and he used it like the master he is, destroying entirely gahvin's castle, should he had no outpost this was GG for the Gondor player, thx to Karuskas who left one outpost available for gahvin to take in mid game.

Bwel was a little behind with expending his territory compared to his mirror Mordor opponent Karuskas, but he had the same PP the entire game long, most probably because he focused on skills, he most probably lost a lot less units then Karuskas but all what matters is the result, unfortunately both Mordor players had poor army, orcs and drummers all by them selves are not very fierce and efficient to destroy the enemy, so the muscle work was done by their respective team-mates, Th0rin` with his mighty combos, facing gahvin with his combos and rangers, so the Mordor players were all about leadership if one of em had to get badly hurt, he could come back and ready for action pretty fast, but an army with high ranked combos is harder to build up, for that reason only gahvin and Th0rin`'s base were targeted, each team had to hit where it hurt the most, and this is where the left team had a sliced advantage since they had a shot at getting the AOD, and these ghosts, these are the mighty combos killer, destroyer of army.

The right team was defending themselves at Th0rin`'s base while sending Trolls, Naz and even the Balrog at gahvin's castle but failed in eliminating him, and when gahvin used AOD on Th0rin`'s army, they new this meant game over.

Lose with Honor win with Glory!

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#3LATINO  Jan 7 2022, 21:54 PM -

nice game smile.gif

was fun to watch!
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