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Battle for Middle Earth

Segway (M) / Boss (I) vs Pureburn (G) / Butta (R)

#1`daii  Jun 15 2008, 15:11 PM -
an epic fod vs fol game

mordor had host which led to some stupid micro errors from our side, maybe not the most skillfull game but surely a very entertaining one.

I think about 6 aotds & balrogs used biggrin.gif
#2Robbie  Jun 15 2008, 19:18 PM -
I'll take it. I already have my review planned out in my mind.....

"Pick Balrog not FtF. This could have won you the game."

#3RaGe`  Jun 16 2008, 11:03 AM -
Replays: 13 Game:
really epic game, lots of action
#4Segway  Jun 16 2008, 11:41 AM -

"Pick Balrog not FtF. This could have won you the game."

Exactly what I said in chat after. tongue.gif

I just couldn't keep up with the base destroying I had to take down a wall first with a few odd towers. With me he would be able to just run in and take down what he likes with my bases. sad.gif
But if I hadn't lost my Witchking so stupidly at that Rohan base top left to LS I would of taken down that base with its farm on 12% or something lol.

WALLS FOR FOD! j/k tongue.gif
#5purpose  Jun 17 2008, 08:26 AM -
Think games like this prove that me and payback did right in that game way back were we beat James and Light.

Man did we get flamed for that win by james, he was not happy biggrin.gif and LiGhT said we played noob strat and should have won easy bla bla bla.

Sure its easy when your better, but when playing superior player and getting off to a piss poor start you cant really do nothing els then we did.

If you move to much with a slow Mordor army that fast FoL army will just run back and forth and trash your base to either end it or get PPs for AoD.
#6Segway  Jun 18 2008, 08:38 AM -
Ok any pointers on how to I edit my INI?

Hmm the strat was pretty basic and should of worked if it wasn't for that special slip up I wont mention anymore. tongue.gif
#7Robbie  Jun 27 2008, 21:19 PM -
Sorry I havn't forgotten this game, I'm back and active and I promise it will be finished tomorrow 0wn3d.gif
#8PuReBuRn  Jul 4 2008, 11:26 AM -
Replays: 16 Game:
velve you little liar ohmy.gif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#9`daii  Jul 4 2008, 17:22 PM -
velve is a *************** sad.gif
#10Robbie  Jul 4 2008, 22:45 PM -
Sorry PuReBuRn I don't do reviews anymore.
(All other members I'll pm you the review for this and any other reviews I do in the future)

Seriously I'm sorry (Buttaflys) because I know I promised I'd do this today, but I got home late and tired and frankly I couldn't be arsed. And now I'm going away for a few days sad.gif. I will do it asap though tongue.gif

And I will just wub it for now. Because the game was fairly entertaining and well played by 3/4 of the players (buttas/segway/boss) thumb.gif

I'm sorry pure wub.gif I'll make it up to you tonight wink.gif
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