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Battle for Middle Earth

LeGenD R/I vs FF M/I

#21Ryze  Nov 11 2008, 17:17 PM -


Just finished building my new rig: 2x500Gb hard drives, Intel quad core extreme edition, 3Gb DDR3 ram with a 2xRadeon 3470 hybrid graphics cards, 1100 watt Antec power supply and new 3mbps internet cable connection all shown on 2 nice 24 inch widescreens biggrin.gif

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ BH the one who claims to be the RL master bowdown.gif

=sarcasm thumb.gif
#22RaGe`  Nov 11 2008, 19:10 PM -
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QUOTE(Pallando @ Nov 8 2008, 14:04 PM) *
But it's hard to learn though

cant remember having problems with learning it frusty.gif
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#23Pallando  Nov 11 2008, 19:41 PM -
How comes? rolleyes.gif
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