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Battle for Middle Earth

Butta vs entraxz (final)

#1`daii  Jan 22 2009, 18:14 PM -
[18:00] entraxz: that was so anticlamitic and lame at the end tbh
[18:02] entraxz: giving you mass PP by moving my army wrong and getting and then when I finnally have cloudbreak u convert them and my heroes were pussies the whole game
[18:08] entraxz: post it u korean kid, so I can cry out in the topic
[18:22] entraxz: btw was the lag somehow dissapeared?
[19:10] Buttafly: lol

#2Axcell  Jan 22 2009, 18:31 PM -
#3Mr.lim  Jan 23 2009, 12:39 PM -
in the beginning the game was good but it became lame
#4Replaysystem  Jan 28 2009, 22:11 PM -

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#5Dwelf  Feb 22 2009, 15:02 PM -
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Excellent game, its my favorite fight just like two towers movie!!
#6Apmn  Feb 22 2009, 16:47 PM -
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PoW|Dwelf ?
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