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Battle for Middle Earth

GvR - clanwar match - fixed

#1Fishy  Mar 10 2012, 19:16 PM -
!!! I UPLOADED WRONG REPLAY LAST TIME...im terribly sorry but now you can really enjoy this epic game :-) !!!

The most impressive game i played in last month - cw game vs Elegant.

You might think - "eh...another boring horse running - when Ents/gandy come its almost over"...but...BITCH PLEASE...these are the times when u need elves and rohhirims first !

The game has almost everything you need to have fun - breathtaking defence, Aragorn in his finest, AoDs in both sides, comebacks and some funny moments too ;-)

Bring some popcorn/crisps and good beer - Enjoy !
#2ketis  Mar 12 2012, 17:41 PM -
Replays: 70 Game:
i love this game smile.gif
#3Yardang  Mar 19 2012, 09:39 AM -
Replays: 4 Game:
gg guys wink.gif
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