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Battle for Middle Earth

Crazy 3vs3 QM on Lebennin !

#1Earendil  Jan 8 2018, 23:25 PM -
Really intese game with a lot of close battles.

here is the video https://www.twitch.tv/videos/216709629
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#2SquatsnOats  Jan 8 2018, 23:30 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
martin crazy carry!
#3Anon`  Jan 9 2018, 09:25 AM -
Replays: 7 Game:
Anon crazy lag
#4suturbs  Jan 9 2018, 14:04 PM -
Replays: 189 Game:
Review and Damning

*Krasukas fast lurtz with 2 furnaces (lame, latens game for isen. fast lurtz has no essence in lebenin or in any 3x3 ime)

*Anon like not giving a damn to horse game. Probably he decided this coz a easier way to play. I appreciate to a point.

*Pino made way too much bersekers. Getting outposts back should be fol job, with horses. However the outcome(outpost was taken back) good for pino.

*Fast I+R combo rush is mostly not good enough to finish IIM at the first rush. if opponent had army on time, on basefront. Especilly if isen had only 1 poor combo with rohan, due to 2 fur+lurtz, won't be enough. (keep trying you will see 2 fur+lurtz is sin in "three vs three 101" guidebook) [THO!! if u "downrate" opponent and wanna "elongate" the game, you can act for such hero game attitude(unnecessary extra fast hero). I do elognating stuff alot but they sometimes cost tongue.gif still better than probable fast bash, cba to do. but srsly 2 fur not really faster, try it. 1-2 sec more or less only.]

*They had drum eye-dont think this is total %150 armor and %150 damage; %300exp means alot of advantages like reviving units, and is almost like %400 damage/armor of low rank units -for considering a complete battle-.

*Pino saru why not goes back as usual, but goes sideways (after enchanting enemy high rank unit). this was the most critical point which dramatically leaded to loss more than anything above.

*Another thing if u make no horse with rohan, you gonna be too vulnerable to uruk pike base rushes. or just they consider making uruk quite more likely... Moreover, horse killability is not safer, but really really faster; and hence at average battlin, horse effectiveness is higher.(IMO rohan with charge is always good because of mobility + fast building destroying)

*Use rog on earendil army not to base building killing. or trivial threat martin little-resting army. it was another sin, just using rog for building kill, Or keeping using rog on left side while first Rogger was the right side... one blow outpost, one blow camp, GG earendil out of field with 1 subsequent aod...

-->All in all a game that not really expectable in real time, hence probably all had some fun with the competition. Good work every one.
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#5Earendil  Jan 9 2018, 15:38 PM -
Please give my team also such a nice review smile.gif
#6Felixanius  Jan 9 2018, 16:02 PM -

Replays: 94 Game:
This 2 furn- Lurtz thing was cause I cashfloated a bit and got both goblin moneys so I decided to go for Lurtz directly. I think fast Lurtz is not a bad choice cause we face so much ls of Mordor that its nice to have some ls for the own team to kill drum and wk faster, but I didn't get him to 5 fast so it would have been better to go units first I guess. And ye should have used Rog better but didn't focus on right side at all, thought Pino can handle this little Orange guy, guess he got some help from Oats though..
#7IlPrincipino  Jan 9 2018, 16:22 PM -
I have nub spot and 1 mill, ofc orange beats me. Not that I cared about this game though...
#8SquatsnOats  Jan 9 2018, 17:17 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
QUOTE(IlPrincipino @ Today, 16:22 PM)
I have nub spot and 1 mill, ofc orange beats me. Not that I cared about this game though...

Nice expert player making excuses for poor play
#9suturbs  Jan 9 2018, 18:35 PM -
Replays: 189 Game:
Pino spot is poor but he could literally do a kingly creep(5 with only 3 uruk 2 bersk in in one chant time), and prob blade rush isen or troll cage, when barely trolls out. I have done that many times at pinos spot as isen. (If mor not made troll the fastest.)

Krauskas, yes cashfloat I would sometimes do the same if opponent was fol. The thing is, creeps are killed so fast by oats/earendil type players; hence making 5 furnace and uruck pump to their mill is always the best imo. (I claim that lurz with 5 furn is not really as slow as it could be guessed; furm is 22 not 15 like i.e. anorien)

Also pino couldn't handle Earendil mostly coz losing sideways-walking of the saruman. He didn't notice the opponent combo on the left, but as a general behavior I would always send Saruman straight back... Some sloppy moment, happens to every guy sometimes; Pino could really turn game there for their favor, along with marching fast afterwards and being supported by rohan.

QUOTE(Earendil @ Today, 17:38 PM)
Please give my team also such a nice review smile.gif

Review of the IIM

*Earendil gets the chicken spot.. Likely expecting the opponent giving the outpost free too. Acting quick, never stop agression (too good for a chicken) P

*Oats assistance machine. He born to assist, he never try hard to feed his powerpoint, but assistance...

*Martinms is classic. Doing everything at rated strength. Yet fighting with crossbow on the front without armor or fire. *-* However, his macro-building choices was the best among isens. He does not hesitate making armorless units first, and deleting pit again good chocice for this game(no horse). (Oppositely krauskas had no units, and was making ups first(I guess). Probably pit is deletable in this game after all units ready in 2 mins

(yet both pino and kraus didnt. the build order was weak money-purchase managment for IIM. at least 2000 money lost each, coz of expensiveness)...

*One "secret" about martin's situation: if all atacked earendil outpost, he would lose it and martin could not really press over enemy at his side. hence, earlier win by RII could have happened.

*till second Kraus rog scene, nobody would say for sure who would win. However somehow I felt Earendil team had more of hope and determination to win.
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#10korund  Jan 10 2018, 05:18 AM -
to my surprise , was the best Martinms600! he died late ...
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