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Battle for Middle Earth

RA´s domination..

#1Corazon761  Nov 14 2021, 01:32 AM -
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the riders of rohan take the stage, enjoy.
#2ValsaDoom  Nov 14 2021, 16:35 PM -
From the start when I noticed 2 Mordors on one side and none on the other I knew already the Mordor side had an advantage, maybe not has much as if they had only 1 Mordor because 2 of em is one too many, but still they have better Mu and so for the other team to counter this powerful force and make it all the way to Glory, Roherrims-Archers would be the key on this magnificent huge map with plenty expansions possibilities. Meaning the title corazon gave to this replay could not be more appropriate.

Top left Morl playing Mordor
Mid left CROAT playing Mordor
Bottom left mal playing Gondor


Top right Dr.Pepper playing Gondor
Mid right Meister playing Rohan
Bottom right corazon playing Rohan

On the left team side the Top Mordor Morl built Furnaces, meaning he would go for fast Naz and cata, while the middle Mordor had Slauther houses for trolls and drummers, but mal went only farms meaning he wanted fast Knights for cheap and no combos, but for some reasons he decided to make Black Smith to fill the spots left in his camp and no stables, then got the middle outpost and from there built archery statue and well, now we're talking!

corazon knew how crucial it was to get the camps before the Mordors do, and so even if that slowed him down on building an army, he bought the bottom middle camp, and from this point he figured out what his team should do next. Meister was doing good, all he had was Eomer, and he needed him to level up fast for the war to come, first thing first he had to try to hurt mal by luring the cave trolls to his outpost and even with 3 of em the outpost was able to hold, since archers were already in it, -good job mal! At least Meister managed to leveled up his Emoer in the process, and had Teo called for duty seconds later Teo was level 2 and Eomer was already level 3, nice micro from Meister! As for Dr.Pepper, corazon was watching his back since he failed from preventing Morl from getting the top middle camp and was now losing buildings to a hidden Gollum, corazon putted a beacon so Dr.Pepper could be warned of the trickery. corazon had already called Eomer and Teo for duty and he too had them leveled up fast but by this time Morl had already the WK on the field and a Naz was about to join all the while spamming trebs, his team mate CROAT was spamming trolls and had a naz called for duty, Dr.Pepper was not ready for first blood action and the left team players knew it, CROAT placed a beacon in his camp, -lets bring war here!

But mal had other plans he was hasty for action and could not hold it no more and instead of going north he went south without drummers and south he went and things went south, at first corazon got hit by surprise and none of those RA had fires equipped, but with a great eco going on, Ara was already called on duty and all his troops was hiding in the back of his camp while 1 Mordor wasted eye on the scene, the camp got hit and things were destroyed one after the other by the rangers and combos of mal, and corazon's goal was to save his units from being hit, and at last Meister came back to help his team mate, with more RA and these had fire! With Eomer level 4 and Teo's Glory charge, all of mal's army was wiped out and then his outpost too.

The 2 Mordors decided to ignore mal's decisions and went north has first planed, but 2 Naz and a WK were not enough to destroy an entire Gondor camp, with archers, rangers and Faramir in it.

mal got nervous after loosing so much, he asked for his mates to bring something to defend his camp down south, but the RA's were going north, they knew mal was not a threat for the time being. they tried to lure CROAT to the outpost where they can benefit from statue's lds CROAT fell for it but manged to call of what was left of his trolls before it was too late, Dr.Pepper got back in action with rangers, but both his team mates were already handling things with a double of everything army, 2 Teo, 2 Eomer 2 Ara until Meister decided to make some damages up north while corazon and Dr.Pepper hold the outpost, land was put down at the top left camp by Mordor then covered then again, and Meister was not doing much but the worst is the fact that he was attacking the only camp not worth destroying since Morl has 2 of those, at the outpost mal finally managed to get some combos and this time CROAT drummers were with them, land was put down there too, then covered but the Drummers lds had the last saying and Mordor rules became law! -bye bye outpost!

Tired of being too slow with rangers that get wipe-out each time, and with team-mates spamming RA able to take down anything from the sky Dr.Pepper decided to spam Knights, better fit to counter catapults and faster to move on the map.

Proud and strong of having taking back the outpost so easily the left team decided to go on and aimed for Meister Rohan right middle camp, corazon knew this would be the most logical move from the enemy, taking the most aggressive and successful of his team-mates out and splitting-up the team, so he had to do something to help rise the chances of Meister's survival, and so he went all in for the outpost again. But mal summoned the elves and made a U-turn bringing back his troops to the middle, CROAT was doing his body guard duty remarkably and corazon had to back-off, but this little incursion gave Meister a little more time and most of all, it gave corazon the PP he needed for the Ents!

Second march from the left team on Meister's camp, this time they were stopping for nobody! And today that nobody was corazon's Ents, BANG! strait in the middle of mal's combos, a Mumakil was at work, but that wont do it vs Ents, and so the combos were crushed then G/C for Meister's RA and the result was failure for the left team players, Meister will live an other day! Thx to corazon.

Meister got ready for retaliations and aimed for mal's camp before Drummers from CROAT could get there, Meister proved to be the most aggressive and active players of all yet in this replay, having him pissed and thirsty for blood would probably be something mal will regret, CROAT sent trolls but that was not enough fortunately mal had an other card up his sleeve and summoned the Eagles before Meister can finish him off, and Meister was about to return home when corazon arrived with some bad *** army of RA of his (excuse my French) and that was it, Good night mal!

CROAT quit first then mal and finally Morl in this dramatic ending.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!


Congratulations to corazon, Meister and Dr.Pepper for their great Victory Vs Mordor!
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