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Battle for Middle Earth

[R][Rating] Maverick Vs Buttah

#1FarMeR`  Jun 19 2007, 14:47 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
Hey all biggrin.gif
As you all know i love Gondor but mirrors i have the least experience with.
This was a fun game on his host, because I owned him on mine and he wanted re tongue.gif
Fun match, lasted till aotd, i watched the replay and noted everything i did wrong, including no tg at first and attacking base before i was ready frusty.gif
gg buttuhz thumb.gif


Review By: LastGenesis

Starting Positions:
|MOH|KikkN - West
Embodiment - East

A near mirror of strats makes this a long and extremely close game making for some nice battles and micro. early game maverick has the advantage after some nice creeping and micro, but once the game reaches its late stages mav is set back, after some unlucky battles he is forced to play defensive and make for a good finish.

|MOH|KikkN - Gondor
Your creeping at the start was pretty good with the soldiers, but remember to lure the wargs away from the lair when you are creeping with rank 1 knights. On quite a few occasions you had some major cashfloating going on, when you put up your stables you had enough to get a well + some money left over, be right on top of your eco, especially when getting your stable up as faster nights will give you more creeps and mc. Your micro could have been better than it was, often you had horses in base healing when there were still 4 knights left, if you have 4 and even sometimes 3 you can continue to micro, you just use them to concentrate on his farms and avoid battles. Alos along the lines of micro your map control should have been much better imo since for the majority of the game you had more knights than he did, this was also because you had your knights sitting in base healing too much. Your gandy micro was good but on a few occasions unfortunately not quite good enuf this game, as often you found your gandy running for his life. In the end you came out strong using summons well and finishing the game.

Embodiment - Gondor
Very nice creeping from you, getting all 3 of the creeps on your side of the map using starting soldiers and pippin. Once knights were around the map early you could have used your rank 5 pipin a little more agressively before he had upgrades allowing you more map control. Altogether your micro was good tho late game you seemed to struggle because he often had 1-2 more batts than you did making microing very hard for you, try and keep the amount of knights as even as possible or slightly in your favor. Good gandy micro but there were a few times where you could have killed his gandy, when it was his fara and gandy by the bottom fords against your gandy and knights you should have placed the LS to ONLY hit gandy instead of both gandy and fara, if you had done this his gandy would have been dead and you could have ended the game much sooner. One of the most majory mistakes you made was not getting any tgs to defend your trebs, tgs are essential or at the very least combos, you need something to defend your trebs to free up your knights to take out your opponents trebs. Incredably bad luck for you with the heal lag on your gandy in the middle when he was being ataked by the eagles, had that not happened you might have had rank 10 gandalf and would have given you one of your many opportunities to win, overall gg mate.

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#2`daii  Jun 21 2007, 14:24 PM -
Yes, gg mav's

I'm not that experienced yet in 1v1 smile.gif
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