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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] [Review] [PLOW]Gamroth vs [FOR]NoOneElse

#1FarMeR`  Mar 31 2007, 21:42 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
This is one of the more difficult times i've had playing a mordor, he crept well, denied my pp perfectly, kept my gtw helpless, and managed to make a army even though he couldnt take the map back.
I did a few incredibly stupid things here (mostly related to the fact that it was pretty laggy, but i dont like to bitch about that)
he even let my gandy go when i got off horse when was talking on xfire wub.gif
Eventually we were getting exhausted and 1 unit really changed the game, i thought i was coming back, but he had to go and screw with it tongue.gif


Review by: Dunedain

Starting Spots:
West- Mordor
East- Gondor

A pretty funny game to watch, lots of massive catapult battles. The lag must have been pretty serious, because Gondor resorted to camping, which made it a long game of intense splash damage, mass trolls, treb spamming, and Gandalf laming. Gondor actually managed to micro a treb to kill 2 catapults in this match, something I've only seen 1 other time in my career on GR.org. Overall it became a race for the final power points, and Mordor got there first, microing his balrog flawlessy to finish the turtling Gondor, who was just 2-3 PP from AotD.


This was a decently played game by you, and you had a tough foe to go against. You did alot of good things in this game, but you made a few mistakes. The biggest mistake you made was to overextend your force, it lost you an outpost and left your base wide open for attack. You really can't seige from 2 sides on the Fords, which makes defeating a camper very hard. Your strategy for defeating was generally good: spam catapults and kill as much as possible for PP galore. Here are some things to remember when put in this situation:
  • Arm a few trolls with trees in early game, it gives them a huge advantage over horses and Gandalf.
  • Don't bunch up your catapults, keep them spread out. You had them bunched often and lost several to one the same shot from a treb.
  • Be sure to properly guard your catapults at all times with trolls, you cannot afford to lose many of them, as that gives up unesssesary PP to Gondor.
Fantastic balrog micro btw.


This was an interesting game from you. You lost a dumpload of knighs, but you managed to survive, mostly by preventing him from taking MC and overexteding himself. You did some very nice things with your little camping scheme, and it nearly worked out for you. I would like to address your start, as I feel it was where you went wrong. Use your starting soldiers to kill the mill, don't bother trying to fight off orcs. Losing a mill is much more costly to him than losing 2 bats of orcs in early game. Your early game should be 100% based on holding his economy down. You should not build 4 farms in base imo, yes it will make your eco exponentially faster, but you need the knights out sooner to kill his mills. Had your knights came straight out after 2 or even 3 farms inside, and you had killed his mills, you likely would have been able to hold him down long enough for an HS rush. However, your knights were late, and he had NO pressure on his early economy, allowing him to spam laborers, and put up SH's at lighting speed, and therefore he had trolls out to creep very quickly, which denied you some PP and important cash. Here are some other tips:
  • Don't lose knights in rushes, retreat from trolls and don't let towers kill knights.
  • Don't bunch up your trebs, they get owned when bunched together.
  • Don't send out trebs alone, that is just pushing him PP, let him come to you before engaging him if you are looking for PP.
  • Retreat Gandalf from trouble and heal him if nessesary, losing him strips your army of a vital asset that prevents your opponent from attacking you more directly.

Overall Rating: 5
RotW Condender

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#2Gamroth  Mar 31 2007, 21:50 PM -
yeah gg smile.gif i had a good start and that helped me build an army up. I think its really difficult to hold MC as mordor later on tho. I think you had most of the map for most of the game tongue.gif

wub.gif balrog tbh
#3FarMeR`  Mar 31 2007, 21:52 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
i should of healed gandy -.-
and used IL when his fire was off
but aftersight>foresight when tired ^^

luan i know how you love watching me move, so i'd appreciate if you gave me some advice tongue.gif
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#4DunedainStriker  Apr 5 2007, 15:42 PM -
#5DunedainStriker  Apr 6 2007, 02:56 AM -
#6Gamroth  Apr 6 2007, 08:06 AM -
Thx Dunedain, smile.gif
#7FarMeR`  Apr 7 2007, 19:14 PM -
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Thanks dune biggrin.gif
#8shaulin  Apr 8 2007, 11:32 AM -
QUOTE(DanceAndRomance @ Mar 31 2007, 22:42 PM) *
he even let my gandy go when i got off horse when was talking on xfire wub.gif

Gamms probably the nicest guy on bfme
#9THUGZ  Apr 8 2007, 12:15 PM -
Replays: 36 Game:
Yeah gams cool, how old is he?
#10Gamroth  Apr 8 2007, 20:33 PM -
im only 16 biggrin.gif
thx guys wub.gif
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