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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Gondor VS Rohan

#1FarMeR`  Nov 19 2006, 00:51 AM -
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gg review what i could of done differently
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#2i.c.  Nov 20 2006, 21:40 PM -
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yea pls rewiew, it was a gg
#3DunedainStriker  Nov 22 2006, 04:11 AM -
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#4k3anU  Nov 25 2006, 05:23 AM -
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#5k3anU  Nov 25 2006, 16:36 PM -
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#6k3anU  Nov 27 2006, 00:50 AM -
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Game: HoP|Symbiotic IPB Imagevs IPB Image LAL|Maverick*

IPB Image HoP|Symbiotic
Basic BO : 2farms + 2 Peasant recruits, Stables
PPs : Draft,
Creeps : 5/6
Strat : Fast Rohirrim, Fast Creeping, Ups, Theo, Ent harassment, Ara, Outpost, Peasant/Archer Battalions, Fire, Ent Attack

+ Good Creeping
+ MC
+ Good Rohirrim Micro
+ Killed GtW at spawn, before he mounted the horse lord
+ Acquired lvl 4 Theo, GC bonus
+ Good PP usage

- Floating Resources
- Left cash from warg lair and didnít reclaim
- Ent Micro

Comments: Rohan the land of the Horse Lords, you played a very aggressive game with constant harassment. You won this game by always staying a step ahead of your opponent or harassing him enough to be a step behind you. You also maintained a sense of speed in your strategy, which for the most part never left your units idle. You stole one of Gondorís initial settlements early game, and then managed to damage your opponents economy, then damaged it even further by destroying his only remaining settlement outside his castle, gj. You did an excellent job of harassing during the creeping stage of this game, and took 5 of the 6 creeps. You did not take Gondorís economy damage for granted and quickly took MC. Then you put upgrades on all your Rohirrim to prevent the game from taking a drastic turn in Gondors favor. That helped you maintain MC. Then you got your Ent Moot to prevent Gondor from wading out on the map, but I did ding you on Ent Micro. I did that mostly because you only targeted one portion of gondors castle wall. I think you could have managed to be more destructive had you targeted at least 2 portions of your opponentís wall and then the citadel. You managed to maintain MC effectively, even after gondor recovered from the ent attack. You drafted Ara and peasent/yomen battalions into your army, and then ent attacked again. The second time you managed to kill GtW right as he spawn, as he was trying to mount his horse. This attack left gondor in shambles, and ultimately became the end of the Gondorian race.

IPB Image LAL|Maverick*
Basic BO : BS + Farm, Farm, Stables
PPs : Heal, EW, GtW, Elven Sum, Rohirrim Sum, Eagle Sum
Creeps : 1/6
Strat : Fast Knights, Ups, Fara, GtW

+ Good Hobbit Harassment
+ Stole creep from Rohirrim
+ Good Knight Micro
+ Good Hero Micro
+ Acquired 1v1 5 Fara, LD bonus
+ Targeted Heros

- Idle building foundation (last one)
- Floating resources
- B.O. (indecisive on Buildings or statues)

Comments: Gondor, the land of the Minas Tirthians, your rough start in this campaign ultimately sealed your fate. Your micro was highly skilled and you had excellent preparation for an Ent attack, and successfully recovered from the first attack. Your hobbit harassment was good enough to make a unit of Rohirrim run back to a healing well, and forget about the cash bonus reward for removing a warg lair from the Ford of Isen. Early game you muscled up and decided to keep more than one unit of Knights packed together; and later, that gave you a bonus, taking a creep from the horse lords. You had good hero micro, for the most part of the game. It was good enough to keep Fara alive long enough to lvl 5 providing the LD bonus to your units. When GtW spawned you put him on his horse, and I would have tried to hit Ara with the ishatar light (it generally knocks Ara down). That would have provided you enough time for him to mount the lord of the horses, and do more damage to rohanís militia attacking your base. You targeted Theo and Ara, and eventually sent them to shadow. Although, all your good points in this game were not strong enough to take this victory. Early game rohan crushed your early economy by claiming your settlement and then destroying your only farm outside your base. From that point on in the game, you played defense. Defense is good, in portions, but good offense is the best defense. Early game, you had filled almost your entire base but one building foundation and with >800. Your resources floated, but it was to be expected in that situation, so I really didnít rate you on it. I did hit you on B.O., but only because I didnít know how to word it properly. You built up a bunch of statues then deleted them and put up farms and BSís. I figured you did that because you needed more eco and could no longer save for GtW? I think you could have gotten gandy out a bit faster if you had waited to get the GtW PP. You should try and use PP as you get them to keep up with your opponents PPís. GtG is produced fast if you wait to put the GtW PP on after he is summoned. For the most part you are highly skilled and have all the knowledge you need to defeat this race, but just try not to fall for the Rohirrim shuffle to divert your attention. Try and stay focused on your strategy and follow through with it.

Game Comments: This game was full of action. This game makes you want gondor to win, with as many times as he pulled through and recovered from certain death. His fate seemed so unclear up until the last moments of the game. GG_guyz, I enjoyed watching, post again.


IPB Image HoP|Symbiotic
Micro : 6/10
Strat : 7/10
Overall : 6/10

IPB Image LAL|Maverick*
Micro : 7/10
Strat : 5/10
Overall : 6/10

Entertainment : 6/10
Overall Rating : 6/10
#7Revan^Tbh  Nov 27 2006, 11:23 AM -
Replays: 6 Game:
Good Review smile.gif (Creeps : 5/6) = Reason Rohan won tbh GG
#8i.c.  Nov 27 2006, 13:47 PM -
Replays: 4
thx for the rewiev wink.gif
#9Tams  Nov 27 2006, 14:13 PM -
QUOTE(eXpliCiD_conTeNt @ Nov 27 2006, 12:50 AM) *

Gondor, the land of the Minas Tirthians,

rofl wacko.gif

Was a gg all the same.
#10FarMeR`  Nov 28 2006, 04:55 AM -
Replays: 30 Game:
damn, wow man nice review, very detailed wink.gif
appreciate it.
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