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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Gondor VS Rohan

#1FarMeR`  Oct 15 2006, 21:41 PM -
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this was a really difficult game for me, he got gc fast and lots of ha which owned my gtw like 3 times
this game was fun with base switching and luck playing big parts , we were really evenly matched but 1 batt of horses saved the game vs treebeard theo eomer and a batt of rohirrm ohmy.gif watch and you will see what i mean
*note, aotd got used like 5 times each
review would be appreciated ^^
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#2FelLbEasT'  Oct 15 2006, 22:12 PM -
Your supposed to post good games, not long ones.



now some poor sod will have to watch it sad.gif.

meh well at least new rating system you might get a 5 ohmy.gif
#3Grenness  Oct 15 2006, 22:22 PM -
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it is allowed to post long games moose. not short games
#4FarMeR`  Oct 16 2006, 01:35 AM -
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being long makes it not good?
i now its not
but its a pretty good game smile.gif
#5DunedainStriker  Oct 20 2006, 20:33 PM -
He's allowed to post the game eitherway. And just because its long dosent mean the play was bad, it could be that 2 good players had to duke it out for 45 minutes for someone to win. Ok? ......... ok.

Bumped btw.
#6FarMeR`  Oct 21 2006, 20:26 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
no one want?

after watching the rep, isnt that long, just felt like it
#7Ston3R  Oct 22 2006, 08:39 AM -
QUOTE(maverick_ @ Oct 21 2006, 10:26 PM) *

no one want?

after watching the rep, isnt that long, just felt like it

oh well....
i have got time
#8Ston3R  Oct 22 2006, 10:36 AM -
IPB ImageMaVerick727 vs. DestructIPB Image

map: Westfold
version: 1.03


start: BS, farm, Pippin, 3 outside farms
PP progression: EW - heal - GtW - elves - eagles - AotD - rohirrim - Cloudbreak
creeps: 7/9

thum.gif stole a creep
thum.gif use of summoned units mostly
thum.gif some smart moves like waiting with some knights outside his base and wait if he casts AotD
thum.gif very good creeping

sad.gif forgot 2 farms in the beginning. Instead of cloaking ur Pippin it would've been better to get them with him
sad.gif omfg ur fara....rofl.....he was mostly dead 2 minutes after he popped out again
sad.gif combined knights with TG's once
sad.gif towered base while u were attacking him
sad.gif again u didn't buy HS first time.... finally in late game u did it

comments: Well....a typical gondor vs rohan, although u could've finished him much earlier with ur first attack. There were many chances when u could kill his Theo just with 1 istari before he GCed, but mostly u didn't do it, he GCed his horses and pwned ur army wacko.gif . In the end some real clever moves won u the game, but mostly u had the upper hand. Just try next time to plan ur attacks a bit better and watch out for his army, u lost gandy and especially fara way too often....
rating: 5


start: 2 inner farms, Merry, 5 outside farms
PP progression: draft - heal - andýril - Cloudbreak - AotD - EW - elves - ents
creeps: 2/9

thum.gif very fast GC
thum.gif king's favour used
thum.gif rank 10 Theo and Eomer bowdown.gif

sad.gif omfg....creeping
sad.gif too late stables....go for stables after having 5/6 (depends on situation) farms
sad.gif got andýril way before u bought ara, next time don't chose the PP right away, prolly u get another one and elves can save ur life...
sad.gif bought armory in base a 2nd time when u had all grades already
sad.gif lost nearly all ur army when u finished gondor's base
sad.gif lost 1st bat of rohirrim vs knights with blades on his EW

comments: I nearly have to tell u the same things: Plan ur attacks a bit better. Ent-rush would've worked as well tbh. Check out the Rohan strat forums for best time to go for stables, and ents. In the end u never got back in the game after changing sides. Another thing was that very often u weren't harassing at all and standing around, doing nothing.
rating: 4

match comments: Yes it was a long game tbh, but nvm. Gondor started very good with fast grades and claiming MC and nearly all the creeps. Losing of fara very often was just omg. First attack on Rohan wasn't successful although there were chances to finish him. Afterwards the game was turning around over and over. Once they changed sides and AotD was casted 4 times i think. Some good stuff in it, for example sneaky attacks, but some bad moves makes me to rate this game a....
match rating: 5
entertainment rating: 4,5

1st attack on Rohan, no success wacko.gif


Gandy standing next to the battle, doing nothing with full health wacko.gif


Rohan army met Gandy on his way back to an outpost and pwned him badly

#9FarMeR`  Oct 22 2006, 10:44 AM -
Replays: 30 Game:
exactly biggrin.gif
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