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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Maverick vs Destiny

#1FarMeR`  Oct 7 2006, 21:33 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
just a qm with gondor vs rohan matchup
i think if he got ups quicker it would of been a hell of a lot harder but i was still trying to survive the whole way thru, unfortunatly he said trebs were lame and quit after a fight
review and advice appreciated smile.gif

* i know i kinda was lame by semi-camping but i didnt have much choice, if i went out i would of got owned, and then with 2 wall segments down it would be gg. i never want to camp smile.gif
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#2DunedainStriker  Oct 8 2006, 19:37 PM -
Hey mav!

Mine smile.gif
#3DunedainStriker  Oct 10 2006, 22:57 PM -
Maverick727(Gondor) vs. DestinyRequired(Rohan)
Map: Westfold


Start BO: BS > Farm > Pippin > Farm > Farm

PP Progression: Heal > EW > GTW > Elves

Strategy: Pippin > Knights > Upgrades > Faramir > Gandalf > Trebuchets > Soldiers > TGís > Archers

Creeps: 4/9

smile.gif microed hobbit
smile.gif stole creep
smile.gif fast upgrades
smile.gif fought off ents well

sad.gif set Faramir on nearly destroyed wall, dropping him right onto ent

You had a good game. Your start was good and you quickly brought out upgrades. His ents slowed you down, but you fought them off well: only losing 1 bat of knights, 2 wall sections, and a well. Your opponent didnít bring out upgrades while you were you dealing with his ents, so you were able to take MC back and fend off his siege attempts. The only issue with your gameplay was the fact that you put faramir on a nearly destroyed wall section, sending him tumbling into the path of an ent who killed him. Good performance and good luck n the future.

Maverick727 Overall Score: 6/10


Start BO: Farm > Merry > Farm > Farm > Farm

PP Progression: Draft > Heal > EW > Andruil

Strategy: Merry > Rohirrim > Ents > Aragorn > Theoden > Peomen > Upgrades

Creeps: 5/9

smile.gif fast Rohirrim
smile.gif ents put pressure on him allowed you to build up

sad.gif late upgrades
sad.gif didnít knock down armoury
sad.gif lost Aragorn

Overall, you had an OK game. You had an excellent start with very fast Rohirrim and good creeping. You put pressure on him with your ents, allowing you time to upgrade your force to finish him. However, you didnít bring out upgrades fast enough and thusly he was able to take some MC back and you had to wait to attack his base, giving him valuable time. Always remember to knock your armory down after you have all upgrades to make an open build spot. Also, retreat heroes from fights they canít win, especially if they are on low health.

DestinyRequired Overall Score: 5/10

A good game, with good starts, even creeps. Rohan put fast ents on Gondor, but the Gondor player kept his wits and held them off with Knights. Rohan had late upgrades allowing Gondor to take some MC back, and throw back siege attempts. Gondor won when Rohan quit after sieges failed and Aragorn was lost (leaving Gondor an open map).

Overall Score: 6/10
Entertainment Value: 6/10

This review is done under the new reviewing standards pinned in the replay forums.
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#4Guardian  Oct 10 2006, 23:17 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
Pro review tbh happy.gif
#5DunedainStriker  Oct 11 2006, 00:43 AM -
someone called me pro ohmy.gif
#6Guardian  Oct 11 2006, 01:13 AM -
Replays: 34 Game:
Cause its true^^
#7FarMeR`  Oct 11 2006, 05:54 AM -
Replays: 30 Game:
wub.gif dunedain wub.gif

thx for pro review and gl to you to wink.gif

dunno why fara did that tongue.gif told him to shoot
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