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Battle for Middle Earth

Gondor Vs Mordor

#1FarMeR`  Oct 22 2007, 23:06 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
This better be the right one :\
GG on westfold, im a qm map noob and he tried a new strat, was entertaining smile.gif
#2Veermarck  Oct 22 2007, 23:18 PM -
Replays: 37 Game:
First time on this map with this strat the match isnt over within 5 min.

Mav did the perfect counter strat so i had to improvise something new
to get to OP 3 cages. I got there though so game was gonna be about endurance.

Mav is a different level of gondor tbh drol.gif . Kind of like gerrard was.
#3FarMeR`  Oct 23 2007, 01:50 AM -
Replays: 30 Game:
Hehe thanks veer, I had to play as i saw fit, kinda fun not having a set way to do it
#4Vendetta`  Oct 23 2007, 02:52 AM -
Replays: 33 Game:
amamzing game. i liked the WoP at end too. as soon as it blasted the victorious screen popped up. well timed and good game.
#5deweydecimal  Oct 24 2007, 00:18 AM -
that was fantastic! I have never seen a Gandi used so well... drol.gif drol.gif drol.gif I am not sure the ending would have been quite the same if Veer built some siege, but still... it was a great watch. I say a definitly ROTW contender thumb.gif

BTW... wubbed drol.gif drol.gif
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#6Veermarck  Oct 24 2007, 05:27 AM -
Replays: 37 Game:
definetly needed siege... i got very sloppy wacko.gif
#7Seniyad  Oct 24 2007, 10:56 AM -
Replays: 2
I have never seen a Gandi used so well... drol.gif drol.gif drol.gif

You didn't watch many replays containing Gandalf, did you? smile.gif

Mordor's beginning was good. You had mass trolls and could have killed Gandalf in several situations because the Gondor player was way too offensive with him. He got lucky that you didn't equip 3-4 trolls with rocks to kill him. By the way... if you have drummers, eye and witchking... 2 rocks are enough to kill a level 10 Gandalf. Gandalf is not a big deal if you get that far. Unfortunately you didn't build some catapults which you could have used for siege and against his archers. If you would have had some trolls (3-4) with rocks, the others with trees, and some catapults, Gondor would have been defeated.

Gondor player played well and offensive. If you attack mordor's base, spread your archers a litte bit more because almost everything Mordor has, deals area damage (trolls with trees, nazgul, catapults, mumakil, siege tower). If you spread them a bit more he cant kill 2 or more bataillons with one hit. Gandalf micro was good. At the end Gondor won because of AoD and with help of Mordor. wink.gif
#8Peak  Oct 24 2007, 11:40 AM -
Replays: 29 Game:
Good game guys - but as i have mentioned - offensive gondors are gonna be a different thing.

Still you could have pulled it through as quite amazingly you were still cash flooding like a maniac ^^ I think the main problem was that you had in mind - wow this is gonna show my strat and i gotta pull this through the way i always tell people to go (only trolls) - for this forgetting about siege and mumak + harads. Also watch out that your naz isn´t attacking gandi while trolls are - they´ll all fall over. You had him that one time, but your wk saved him ^^ And - seriously forget about attacking outpost while a statue and rangers are guarding it - that made me cry cry.gif

#9Veermarck  Oct 24 2007, 12:16 PM -
Replays: 37 Game:
hahah well said freestyle.
#10FarMeR`  Oct 24 2007, 20:01 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
Thanks for feedback and wubs wub.gif
I know I was very offensive but I think that gives you the best chance against a mordor, whittle them down, keep them contained even if you lose some fights.
Rofl at the WK saving my GTW biggrin.gif
And Seniyad I was really offensive with gtw cause he WASN'T getting rocks on trolls..
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