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Battle for Middle Earth

Maia vs Buttafly

#1FlashJack  Jun 9 2007, 20:51 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
i played butta in rohan isen before and did really well until rain came and got owned, that game was played on my lazy name. ive wanted revenge ever since that day but it was extremely tough getting it sad.gif a high ranked lurtz, saruman, combos + wargs and rain is just so OP. the game went on for hours, over about 5 aods and 5 balrogs with about 5 ara aods ohmy.gif

im not very good in this MU because when rain comes i really dont know what to do, i got the strat right but after rain and saruman i was kinda fucked. my micro wasnt off but it wasnt the best, i lost some high ranked up rohirrim which cost me MC in some parts of this game but i did show good/very good micro because i got more rohirrim and kept them alive again for long periods of time

this beast of a game has action from start to finish and had lurtz saruman lego ara theo (GC) 2 aods and a balrog, everything that can be pretty much be bought in rohan isen lol


watch it, the skill and micro was very good imo but the entertainment was great. please review, i want to know how to handle rain the proper way or end it before rain smile.gif
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#2Gerrard  Jun 9 2007, 21:05 PM -
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if this was 200k shorter id be tempted 2 thnk about downloading it
#3FlashJack  Jun 9 2007, 21:06 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:

EDIT: rating is fine i already know my mistake, i chose heal when i could have got elves 1 PP faster when he had no armory and owned him with upgrades on 3 rohirrim + elves sad.gif
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#4general grievous^  Jun 9 2007, 23:24 PM -
I changed it to rating for you Maia smile.gif.
#5`daii  Jun 10 2007, 15:24 PM -
FOD isnt really my best in 1vs1

i tried my best doh, my mistake is not killing aragorn with 1st balrog sad.gif instead of killing his base ...

I didn't know how i could win when I saw his aragorn rank 10 ... as soon as i had an army he owned it, lol

was fun doh, wp maia
#6FlashJack  Jun 10 2007, 15:27 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
hehe thanks

ye ara aod was my only real chance of winning, without it all i got is aod but thats to save my base against your balrog so i dont really have anything against ur army with lurtz LD, saruman and rain

so who wants to do a rating on this bitch?
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#7Axcell  Jun 10 2007, 15:28 PM -
Awesome game tbh thumb.gif ,

but I couldn't believe the game did not end way earlier.
You pretty much got a rotw with this at least.
Can't tag this for a while becuase there are other older replays.
#8 Kamal  Jun 10 2007, 18:09 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
a 9 n1qshok.gif
#9Gamroth  Jun 10 2007, 18:57 PM -
ohmy.gif i will take a look at this

tagged for me happy.gif
#10d_n_a  Jun 10 2007, 19:40 PM -
Replays: 32 Game:
aragorns aotd time ıs too long.ıt must be like 3 or 4 sec.
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